Donald Trump- Abe Lincoln or Benedict Arnold?

Henry Makow

Ninety seven per cent of Trump supporters want him to trigger the Insurrection Act and impose martial law, according to a poll.  This is the only way to purge Communist traitors from the American body politic.
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and retired Army general Michael Flynn retweeted a call for Trump to temporarily suspend constitutional order and declare martial law to have the military to oversee a new U.S. election.

This is not going to happen. Trump will go quietly. There are over 400 million guns in private hands in the US and the majority are owned by patriots. The lingering prospect of martial law or any legal redress are simply ways of preventing patriots from using them.
Trump has the opportunity to play an historic role: save American democracy. Unfortunately he not equal to this task. He is part of the Masonic Jewish Tag Team. He will hand the ball off to the Communists. These are the indicators:
1. His support for mass vaccinations and failure to arrest Fauci and Bill Gates who openly boasts of staging the corona panic for power and profit.
2. His complicity in allowing Communists to count the vote.   He and his circle must have foreseen the steal.
3. Appointing Illuminati traitors like Bill Barr, Christopher Wray and Gina Haskell to key positions. He fired Barr for appearance’s sake but did Barr’s successor, Jeff Rosen, announce an investigation into vote fraud? No.
4. Trump never missed an opportunity to signal his true allegiance by making the downward prayer to Satan Illuminati (Masonic) hand sign. Like Hitler, Trump is false opposition.
5.Despite his criticism of China, the CPC has infiltrated US business, media and eduction under his watch.
6. Declared Antifa “domestic terrorists” but failed to arrest a single one. Antifa is sponsored by Democrats and George Soros.
7. Trump  is an Illuminati Jew with a long history of involvement with the likes of Illuminati Jewish operatives like Roy Cohn and Jeffrey Epstein.
8.  Despite being thrown under the bus by Bibi, he continues to be a hod carrier for Israel. He recently negotiated a peace deal between Israel and Morocco by betraying some Moroccan secessionists.
We are watching a reality show, a charade. Any faith we put in Trump will be betrayed.
Once again, the Illuminati have raised a middle finger to Americans. They ran a senile, unrepentant pedophile with ties to China who boasted he didn’t need to campaign because the vote count is fixed. 
Don’t let Trump blind you to the danger we face.
Of course, I want to be wrong. I want Trump to rise to the occasion, but the odds are slim.
Makow Twitter Poll:
Will Donald Trump take a Fall and betray his more than 75 million supporters by conceding the election?
No, he’s a patriot
Yes, he’s a Zionist Jew
266 votes
“We kept track of events for both candidates in this year and the enthusiasm gap was shocking – President Trump entertained over 1.1 million event goers while Biden, even with Obama and some rock stars, entertained less than 2,000 people total at his events:
So when the election came, it was NO SURPRISE that President Trump set an all-time record for vote totals, blowing by Obama’s record of 69 million in 2008, with over 74 million votes.
 But based on all sorts of data and our own eyes, it is impossible that Biden beat President Trump in the election, especially with more than 81 million votes.  This just didn’t happen.”

18 thoughts on “Donald Trump- Abe Lincoln or Benedict Arnold?

  1. First off I don’t believe Trump himself got anywhere near 70 some odd million .. if remember back in the installation of ol Trumpy boy .. if memory serves me there were only around 40% of registered voters who participated in his 2016 fiasco with, meaning that he may have received slightly over 20% of those votes to install him in the office then and to think that so many more participated in this shit show 2020 .. I JUST CAN’T GET MY MIND AROUND. Just as we had “ya gotta vote for Trump to keep Hillary out” and now we had to vote for Trumpy to keep another pedo out (Biden). Same song second verse. As I exposed who Trump was and the players involved in Voter tampering during 2016 election with the likes of Cambridge Analytica, The Devos and Spectrum Health, AIPAC, Alex Jones and his network, Israel and Russian assistance etc.
    To give so much attention to this fiasco drives me nuts.
    From where I sit this is just another psychological warfare operation being played out on the American people to further divide and distract us.

    1. I agree with you!
      “From where I sit this is just another psychological warfare operation being played out on the American people to further divide and distract us.”

  2. I thought this was an enlightening comment from one of the links in the article.
    Paul S Writes:
    “The Trump family, like the Heinz family (also Jewish), is from Kallstadt Germany, which is a small village located within walking distance of the Speyer/Worms/Mainz Rhineland metroplex. This area of the Rhineland (i.e., Speyer/Worms/Mainz) has basically been the “homeland” of Ashkenazi Jews for more than 1,000+ years — indeed, even Frankfurt and the Rothschild clan are likewise just up the river, again within walking distance of Mainz. If you’re a billionaire and you’re from the Rhineland, it stands to reason that you’re probably a Jew. I suspect his first wife Ivana was also Jewish.
    “That said, for a country that was founded (literally) by Zionist Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock and constituted 150 years later by Zionist Freemasons in Philadelphia, what would you expect? Rather than complaining about “Zionist” America — which is something that has been in America’s DNA since Day One — I’ve found it more constructive to focus on my own heritage and ancestors, and pay as little head to the Beast as possible. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves so to speak.”

    1. You’re saying the Pilgrims were Zionists? I thought they were Calvinists and other types of Protestants. And when I think of the Founders of this country, I think of all the unnamed brave (mostly peasants) who fought to get us out from under the tyranny of the king and who so loved their liberty that they would settle for NOTHING less than a Bill of Rights, protecting each and every INDIVIDUAL. Yes, there were Masonic factions about, steering and subverting, but the revolutionary soul came through and gave us our 10 Articles. That’s what I think of when I think of my American Heritage. Freedom Fighters who risked it all. And yeah, I know they’re everywhere, but Fk any Zio intruders who want to mess with that Freedom.


    2. It is said the Pilgrims seen their selves as the sons of Jacob Israel, Abraham, and Isaac, and not the sons of Cain. In other words not Jews.

      1. Thanks, Hal. Ain’t it funny where some conversations can go? I just keep learnin’ and learnin’, while I was just basically mouthing off about my heritage. I guess I feel protective of it.



    3. Everything about Trump spells Jew .. I exposed this the minute he came down the escalator. His great grandmother Katharina Barbara Kober Trump (1836-1922) a German Jew .. very similar to LBJ .. They were Huffmans .. then there is 2 out of 3 of Trumpy’s wives are Jews and Melania is a life long communist .. her father Victor Knauss was the leader of the Slovenia communist party.

    4. Katie those were the Puritans here in the early Americans. Over in Europe they were the the Purims the same ones said to be responsible for the Black Plague – Poisoning the Well etc .. and here if memory serves me right were the party also responsible for inoculations ties to Tom Cotton and Harvards poisoning the people.

  3. Man, those first two sentences are killer. That’s like saying the only way to kill cancer is with a heart-attack.

    Few things more infuriating than impending Martial Law. Talk about being sent to our rooms. How could anyone promote that? Oh, I forgot, Mike Adams is so cute and so very, very popular.



  4. To that list of 8 “indicators,” I’ll add a 9th: His proposal to trample due process.
    The word “subjugation” comes to mind.


  5. Lincoln was a straight up POS Jew attorney for the railroad.
    Arnold was a huge ego badass who kicked some serious ass!, and then got fkd by congress, and let his ego do the stupid, thus became a traitor.
    Drumpf (Trump) is paying the cost to his own kind for ‘them’ causing him to get where he got. He ain’t sh!t but in his worshippers noggin of pristine rotundity.

    Good article though 😉

  6. Insurrection Act…really? Don’t Trumptards realize that what they think will be used against “the enemy” will (at the same time or later) also be used against them? I can just see Commie Kammy using it against those of us defending the right to bear arms, and other stuff. They would instantly regret supporting “martial law.” And that goes double for the Mike Adams’ of the world….

  7. I think Trump will use the insurrection act, round up a bunch of “criminals” who will never spend a night in jail, and the “martial law” required to accomplish this won’t end. Millions of Trump-tards will support this effort, and they’ll be the first idiots killed off by the Chinese invasion.

    Consider this: If the media really hated Trump, why didn’t they make headlines out of the rape he committed that his daughter apologized for? If they really wanted to end his candidacy that story would have made headlines in every newspaper in the country. The media’s bashing of Trump was only a feigned attack which gained him more support, and eventually revealed all his detractors to be traitors.

    He’ll be the new dictator here, as I’ve been telling you for years, and he’ll insure our involvement in, and destruction by, WW3.

    When the dust settles we will prevail, but we’ll be hit with a sh!t storm before that happens.

    I know, I know………everything I say sounds crazy…. until it happens.

    1. sounds plausible
      Throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks , is always good game planning
      you have to be able to see every facet possibly coming at you . Its an effort to not be caught with your pants down , so to speak .

      When these asshats are forced to come boot tip to boot tip of what they have created , is where the real rubber will meet the road …try to be and keep yourself ready , mentally and physically best you can

      its going to be glorious

      I’ve heard a conspiracy that he will be murdered in his second year of his second term…

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