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Donald Trump and Don King

I debated sending this in, I see a couple of circus clowns but the Trumpets might see something different, either way the Israeli flag is interesting.

Published on Dec 28, 2016 by Hunter Walker

President-elect Donald Trump speaking to reporters at Mar-a-Lago on December 28, 2016.

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7 Responses to Donald Trump and Don King

  1. Katie says:

    I have no idea who Don King is, maybe some worn out over paid athlete? Yes, I observe 2 clowns speaking to the clownish media. Trump talking his great this, great that bull of which means nothing to you or I, as he does NOT represent you or I, but will only be the next CEO raper of our natural resources as well as the taker of our Bill of Rights. “Make Israel great again.” The Trumpers can stick their good ol’ boy retarded one liners fed to them by the Fox news crew up their rear ends.
    Tis all a facade, period.

    • Katie says:

      Ok, so he’s a black Trump as he thinks only of himself and the bottom line is money. I see now why they are friends. A promoter of boxing, what a looser. These boxers with their abilities ought to be boxing the ears of the communists instead of one another and getting paid outrageous amounts.

      Don King, your classic nigger, black trash with Trump, your classic white honky trash, what a pair.

  2. Clarioncaller says:

    I’m quite sure these two characters use the same accounting firm, the same hair-gel company, and get their ties made by the same Chinese tailor. The only ‘Pep-Boy’ missing was Vince McMahon, although his wife is nominated for the new Trump administration. The only time Don King shows up is when there’s money to be made.

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