Donald Trump Invites Heretic Kenneth Copeland To Speak at Rally: ‘We Give you Praise and Honor Tonight’

Substack – by Protestia

When he’s not claiming that COVID has been destroyed , throwing someone in a wheelchair to the floor, casting away bald spots in Jesus name, or even running his own bizzaro Bible college, arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland, 86, the world’s richest prosperity preacher in America, can be frequently found making up stuff about Jesus and justifying his personal theological idiosyncrasies, particularly when it comes to attaining that filthy mammon. Copeland is a blight on the church and yet being super-successful has its perks, namely speaking at the recent Trump rally.

After Trump thanks also-heretic Paula White for being at the rally- one of his “spiritual advisors- he introduces Copeland as a “great man” and “one of the great men of our country” who then goes on to say:

(Trump is) a man who will do what he says and keep his campaign promises. I was in Jerusalem where the American embassy is on Donald trump avenue in Jerusalem, that’s where it belongs. I was there at the dedication….

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose we are and whom we serve. In a few days here, people will be going to the polls again to cast votes in the greatest nation in history. Your perfect will will be done and this nation will begin its change, and it will continue to do so. And it will continue under your leadership and your guidance. It will continue to change and change and change until it is great again.

And we thank you, sir. We give you praise and honor tonight. And I bow my knee before the God of heaven and earth to pray as my president Washington prayed. Still, you are our God, and we are still your people. Thank you. May God bless this country, may God bless you. Hallelujah. The great State of Pennsylvania. We can stop this inflation thing. I come from the state of Texas Praise God.

And the President had us energy independent again, even exporting oil like we should be. Wind mills don’t don’t it.

You know, you turn one of these things over to a preacher it- well, I mean, hey, I’m 86 years old. Those are not windmills, they’re wind chargers. My grandfather had one on top of the house.

Also, look how awkward Copeland is making Trump feel.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Invites Heretic Kenneth Copeland To Speak at Rally: ‘We Give you Praise and Honor Tonight’

  1. Amazed he didn’t invite John “Jesus is not the Messiah of the Jews” Hagee (even though Christ said he came for the Jew first, then the Greek (aka Gentile)…it’s in one of the Gospels)…. since both Frump and Hagee are Israel-firsters…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…..

    1. I thought he was only sent for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
      I don’t think they were chicken swingers 🙂

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