Don’t like your neighbor or your ex-wife? New app lets you leave anonymous prostitution tips to the police


Seattle – On Friday, that program — called Redlight Traffic — is launching a first-of-its-kind app for iPhones and Androids that will funnel citizens’ anonymous tips on suspected prostitution activities to law enforcement through a secure website that can only be accessed by police officers. (Because we’re all about creating citizen spies, I bet the old Gestapo, KGB & Stasi police forces are jealous. Feel free to make an anonymous call & report your neighbors wife or your ex-girlfriend)  

The idea behind the app is to help fill two glaring gaps: Teach citizens how to identify signs of sex-trafficking and give them an easy way to do something about it; and provide law enforcement with data that can potentially help officers rescue victims and build criminal cases against pimps and men who pay for sex.

“There are a lot of scenarios that don’t amount to a 911 call,” said Banks, a member of the sheriff’s Street Crimes Unit, which investigates prostitution-related cases. “I thought (the app) was a pretty clever way to see that gap and fill it in.”

A patrol officer isn’t going to respond to a report of, say, a man in his 30s berating a teenager on the side of the road, or to a tip that an “obviously older man in a stereotypical ‘pimp car’ ” is riding around with a much younger girl, because those situations aren’t crimes, Banks said.

Through the app, though, citizens will be able to report their suspicions, upload photos and GPS locations, and provide information on a business, vehicle or person — whether that person is a suspected prostitute, pimp or buyer. Officers will be able to search and review individual reports and view a map of all reported incidents in an area.

“We get so many leads that are sketchy and limited — but if we can compare it to what’s in the database, we might be able to build a case,” Banks said.

“Sometimes we only get a partial plate,” he said, but if a citizen is able to report a vehicle description and a full license-plate number, that kind of cross-referencing can lead officers to a name.

“Now you’ve ID’d your pimp and you know where he lives,” Banks said. “I’m pretty stoked.”

Although the free app will launch nationally Friday, it is expected to take some time before it catches on in cities outside the Seattle metropolitan area, said Jessica Smith, a past president of the Downtown Seattle Kiwanis Club and among those working on the Redlight Traffic program.

To help spread the word, Redlight Traffic is partnering with a nonprofit network of 2,700 police chaplains across the country, she said.

“It’s like Neighborhood Watch with technology,” Smith said of the app.

4 thoughts on “Don’t like your neighbor or your ex-wife? New app lets you leave anonymous prostitution tips to the police

  1. It wont stop there. This is an attempt at making the population full-on paranoid and afraid so they trust no one but the state.

    The kids are getting programmed for this and will get it even more with communist-core indoctrination.

    If a revolt comes, the communist structures must be taken out.
    We can deal with our own after the infitrator khazar ‘jews’ are eliminated.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” -Thomas Jefferson


  2. “Hello?”

    “Yes … I would like to report that the O-bomb-us Administration is prostituting the American people.”
    . . .
    HT security question: 11 + 11 😀

    1. I’m guilty! I did not read this article except for the heading….
      You know why?
      Cause going straight to the comments for a listen will give a big clue of its worth…….
      Both the comments as I write this mention substance………
      or is it vagueness that I am mentioning…….
      Cause going to the cops with ……..unless a dire moment, is slaughter in the first degree…….
      Forever and For Always………..Shnaia Twain…….good music

  3. This is nothing more than an extension of “see something, say something”.

    Rats and snitches are going to love it.

    Especially those that wish to remain anonymous.

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