6 thoughts on “Dr RON PAUL lost tape talking about BUSH C.I.A. COCAINE EMPIRE 1988

  1. What an AWESOME American!!! Grinning from ear to ear after after watching this firebrand tell it exactly like it is! Sooo wanted him as president.

  2. Wow, but yet nothing investigated because the Bush family is “above the law”. Everyone in the house and senate knows what’s been goin’ on for years but are afraid of a mysterious plane crash or a jump off a bridge from the Bush Cartel. I’m suprised they didn’t “Wellstone” Dr. Paul years ago.

  3. Looks like not much has changed over the years … still arguing over these issues. Just love Ron Paul!

    . . .

  4. Wow…..People back then were so stupid.

    “I’m tired of people like you using the Constitution to do whatever you wanna do.” she says.

    I bet that woman is either dead, in a retirement home, still a sheeple or feels like hiding in a hole somewhere right about now.

    Multiple this sheeple times 10,000 and that’s how many we have in Congress and the White House right about now.

    This was like the Jerry Springer back show back then. You’d almost think it was all staged and acting. Those people don’t even look real or just look like overpaid actors to me at times.

    1. So the bitch is still alive and works for FOX news. Imagine that. Evidently she hasn’t learn her lesson. So sad. Even was a wrestler for the WWF which means even worse intelligence and also was a black belt and lead a volunteer crime-fighting organization. Yea and I’m sure the mafia corporations funded her organization to make her look good, too. Aww….man, if she hasn’t woken up by now, she’s screwed.

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