Drone Video Offers Aerial View of Napa Quake Damage

MUST SEE: Drone Video Offers Aerial View of Napa Quake DamageNapa Valley Patch – by Renee Schiavone

A unique video published following Sunday’s South Napa Earthquake shows what the damaged town looks like from above.

The video was published to YouTube Sunday by Evan Kilkus and lasts for just under 7 minutes as the drone flies over things like cracked facades and crumbled bricks.  

“This video is intended for educational purposes to show the damage caused to historic and new buildings in Napa,” the video’s introduction states. “This video is also intended to show how a quadcopter/drone can be used to help and asses damage.”

As of Tuesday, the city of Napa has identified at least 49 buildings that are too damaged to allow people inside. They’ve been “red-tagged.”

More than 100 other buildings have been yellow-tagged, allowing residents and business owners to go inside for limited purposes, and that number is expected to rise as inspections continue.


2 thoughts on “Drone Video Offers Aerial View of Napa Quake Damage

  1. @ the 3 min mark wow.
    That damage might not be very easy to see from ground level but it is very dangerous to anyone on the ground none the less. A very good use for these.

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