Economic Collapse Preparation – Free Internet Access

Uploaded on May 18, 2010 by awarepatriot

Since the economic collapse could be drawn out for years, the purchasing power of our money will start to dwindle. The Federal Reserve is printing it like crazy, and experts like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and forecasters such as Linsay Williams all say the economy is going to collapse.

When the massive inflation starts to hit, we will all be struggling for money which is exactly what the new world order wants. I want to teach you how you can still get internet access and run networks for free. All you have to do is prepare.

2 Buffalo Routers WHR-HP-G54 – flashed with dd-wrt firmware.

1st Router setup as your client, and connect it to a 24 DBI parabolic grid antenna.
(DHCP DISABLED – Wireless in client mode)

2nd Router (only needed if you want wifi access in your home) setup as your access point with DHCP enabled.

Connector types on routers – RP-SMA You can find cables called “pigtails” along with other “secure low loss LMR cables” on Ebay.

Routers I bought at
Antenna I think I bought this one at

The internet no doubt can be a very important tool to use during the economic collapse. Using these routers is a great way to get it for free or low cost (if you share internet with somebody).

Here is a simple article that I found describing the process so that you can get free internet during the economic and dollar collapse.…

DD-WRT Client mode (sorry if it seems technical, it’s really pretty simple)…

I’ll try to help whoever is interested. Read up, there are several sources on the internet too!

12 thoughts on “Economic Collapse Preparation – Free Internet Access

  1. I watched this guy a year or so and then I forgot where I saw this. 🙂 . I do not know if I trust what he is talking about.Anyways good post……… Buy the way Paul did ya get my mail I just sent you,just wondering as my pc crashed beyond compare this morning. just back up and running after picking up another one at the local university – completely rebuilt , like new for a hundred bucks!!! good deal. By the way I have got tto publically thank Millard for his road trip to pick me up to drive me to pick this up as I stilldon`t have a vehicle from my accident earilier this year -THANK YOU MILLARD 😆 Yep thankyou again Millard.

    1. yup just got your email and answered it. good to see your o.k. was starting to wonder about you. welcome back.

  2. Cool as all hell… That antenna that guy is using I already have. I think anyway. I will need to go out and look up the model numbers tomorrow. But, there used to be a mexican consulate office next to us and when they moved they left that antenna on their building, so I knew it had to be something I could use eventually WTSHTF. I am glad I did.

    Does this guy in the video have a website?

    1. don’t know if he has a website. He does have more you-tube uploads. maybe there’s something there on a website or something. Hey if you work this thing out please let me know. I like the idea of saving money.

      1. I sure will let you know Paul.
        It will be a while before I could afford those Routers. Trying to build a logsplitter right now, and money is tight with me not working

          1. I just checked and I already have these other routers and cables that I can put this system together. Will let you guys know the outcome

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