14 thoughts on “Ector County Sheriff Department Arrest Legal Open Carry In Texas | Tyrants

  1. They went out there to protect the bar from who or what!?
    Obviously it wasn’t from sheriffs, cops, or swat!
    A poor bunch of tough dudes with guns ALLOWED themselves to be arrested.
    This is NOT how the war is won!

  2. Pre-planned event

    This is to make us feel like we not only have no voice
    But that now our guns have no significance

  3. I like your thinking even if it’s possibly incorrect. Regardless, this is a wise way to think. Just assume everything is a psyop.
    AND, those guys arresting these young guys were fat slobs. NO match for these young guys!

  4. I said on their video what the hell did they buy their guns for just to look pretty . It just shows who really wants to fight and who is just full of it .

  5. Pitiful

    Anyone notice the enforcers not wearing the required masks or staying 6ft apart…hmmmm… Such hero’s risking themselves…

    Ha ha fkn ha

    if you are taking/making a stand…anyplace, anywhere, anytime…then make the stand, go all in. If you are not mentally and physically ready to do or die, then stay home.

    As the enforcers will eventually be coming to your house anyway, so, you will probably have to make a stand their or just do as you just did!

  6. Christ on a cracker, some people in the comment section are calling for lawyers and and talking of “shaming” these pigs.Shame is necessary to be shamed and no one can pack your bags for you on a guilt trip except YOU!

    And yeah, background on the arrestees would be essential, as we have found many a rat already.

  7. At Lexington Green, 60 free men stood face to face with six companies of British Regulars, that is 238 men. You see, they meant it. They weren’t there posing and they knew the consequences that faced them, and they still pulled the f-king trigger.
    Sorry guys, but you didn’t have your heads right.
    Does it matter if a man dies in a confrontation of one thousand verses one thousand, or four verses fifty? The idea here is “I will fight no matter what the odds”. Otherwise why did I even bring a f-king gun. And if they are going to bring this kind of force in a situation like this, I would strongly suggest that if you can get your mind right, you be prepared for whatever comes at you, but leave your gun at home if you don’t have what it takes to use it in any situation.
    What if twenty MS-13 gang members crashed in your house in the middle of the night? Would you take that AR-15 with a twenty round clip and let loose on ‘em, or would you run over your wife to get to the back door to get away to save your ass?
    If you do not value liberty above life, you are nothing but a poser and have no place in telling anybody else what they should do.

    1. Your words reminded me of this quote:

      “You must never so much think as whether you like it or not, whether it is bearable or not; you must never think of anything except the need, and how to meet it.”
      — Clara Barton, Field Nurse, The War of Northern Aggression


    2. Hi Brother,

      It’s hard for me to watch the enslavement of Americans like this by these scum-bag Occupation-Force-Soldiers (cops),.. my f-kin blood pressure and fury is one step below an atomic bomb going off!

      Ok,.. I don’t know about this “event”, these people or those International Communists (cops) to make a clean analysis of this, but I can say it is one of the two following possibilities:

      1 – As noted above by Enemy of the State,.. a staged event complete with someone there to record the sheepish stand down by those guys to create the impression for all Americans that you can’t fight these Communist Soldiers (cops),… (WRONG!….)

      2 – The other possibility is, that this was an organic event (not staged), but these guys were totally unprepared,… mentally, for the possibility they may come into tactical contact with these Communist Soldiers and so were not willing to fight.

      I don’t know what the truth is here, except, if these guys went to a place ready for a gunfight (hence why they had their firearms), they should have anticipated they may have to defend themselves against these traitorous dogs, and may need to put them down,.. hard!

      Without knowing more about the situation, it is difficult, well impossible actually, to make a clear call as to what was really going on, and what should have happened if in fact Americans were being threatened with death by these communist enforcers who supposedly pulled their firearms first, and then, did imprison them.

      These enemy soldiers threatened them, took away their firearms, imprisoned them, all WITHOUT explaining what LAWS they were “enforcing”. This is exactly what an occupation force does, which is why they should have been ready to fight them, and the moment it was clear a firefight was the only outcome there, put a bullet straight into their mouths which would blow their brain stems out,… argument over.

      Regardless of the specifics of this “event”, I do believe this is how a “spontaneous” confrontation can lead to a full shoot out, and an uprising across the country. People are much closer to their snapping point now, then ever before (well, except at Lexington and Concord),… Americnas just need a little more humiliation, a little more clamping down, a little more denying of our Unalienable Rights,… and the shooting war starts.

      Get your minds right people,, and that means determining what is your No-Backing-Down-Point, and what are the conditions that you know,.. you will pull the trigger.

      JD – US Marine Ready For The Fight

      1. Sorry to leave your comment in pending for so long. A friend called having car trouble. I just got back. The reason your comment went into pending was the f-k.
        Both scenarios make sense but the end analogy is what I see.
        People had better get their minds right because it has come to the point that the tyrant must squeeze harder, as that is all that is left as the curtain has been pulled back and no one can deny what is staring them right in the face.
        I think of how strong our people were at the beginning of the first uprising. Now there were a people who could not be subverted.
        Too much soft living, too much of a government mommy and daddy, but I’ve got a feeling that they are about to find out what hard living is all about. Maybe it is for the best as the people left when the smoke clears will hold this country and be worthy of the freedom and liberty that they will have gained through this merciless toil.
        Keep your powder dry and watch your six. I think the time to show our death faces is nearly upon us.

  8. Surprised there wasn’t a food truck near by slinging hot dogs and pop corn. Gotta love those third degree felonies…LMAO

    Bill Clinton sold nuclear secrets to China, hes at a oceanside buffet right now drinking champaign and eating lobster chowder…

  9. Typical Ector County nonsense…and the lady in the video wore Republican Party elephant earrings? And folks, there is a difference between west Texas and FAR west Texas…for one thing, west Texas has no mountain lions….Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  10. By a minute and a half in, I was out. That moron broad blabbling about “those guys with the AR-15’s!” present to be supportive, and the cops arrested them?!?!? Straight-up POSERS!! I sure hope they got themselves lotsa selfies with their (might-as-well-be-plastic) AR’s on the ground.
    Pre-planned sh##show for gauging reactions.

  11. 2 of the guys are out of jail, maybe the 3rd one is still there. I heard this about 2 hrs. ago.

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