Egg Harbor City detective accused of using police position for sexual relationships

Crime Scene – by James Queally

EGG HARBOR CITY — Hours after he was injured in a fiery car crash, an Egg Harbor City detective was charged today with exploiting his position as a police officer to have sexual relationships with four different women, according to a report by the Press of Atlantic City.

Steven Hadley, 31, was charged with four counts of official misconduct, according to the report. The nine-year veteran officer was also critically injured today when his pick-up truck veered off the Garden State Parkway, leading to a fiery crash near Little Egg Harbor Township, the report said.  

Prosecutors would not say if the crash was connected to the announcement of the charges, according to the report. Hadley, who is a married father of three, allegedly had a relationship with one of the women for more than three years, the report said.

If convicted, Hadley could face up to 10 years in prison, according to the report. Egg Harbor City Police Chief John McColgan declined to comment when contacted by the Press, according to the report, which said Hadley remained in critical condition at Temple University Hospital’s Burn Center in Philadelphia as of 5 p.m

4 thoughts on “Egg Harbor City detective accused of using police position for sexual relationships

    1. I could not edit my above comment but anyway, These are only four women that have came forward that he got caught foolin` around with. ya`ll can bet that there are many more that will not come forward for one or another reason against this pig.

  1. Regretfully, I can see our Judaical System failing the victims & there is nothing left except the public to meter out justice.

    I hope this oinker does hard time with Bubba the Rapist & has every one of his body orifices stretched out to size 10.

  2. i am from EHC born and raised and personally know dt Hadley this is not news to any of the resdents out here he is a sadistic man there are many more then 4 but jus 4 had the courage to speak up he’s known as the king of police brutality and his father was a prosecutor which is why he always got away with everything well daddy retired and now he’s on his own

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