Egyptian Revolution Part II

Ousted Egyptian President Mubarak, speaking for the first time in public since his fall from power said he had committed no crimes and would sue anyone who said otherwise.  Mubarak is being shown in a kinder light in the United States these days I suppose as a reward for his stepping down with little fight.  Approximately 300 Egyptian protesters have been killed to date as what is being billed as a counter revolution seems to be materializing.  Egyptians want Mubarak prosecuted for theft and corruption.  

I guess Libyan President Gaddafi showed the Africans that resistance is not futile.  I cannot believe that with 300 deaths in Egypt the U.S. has not invaded yet.  I suppose next week we will find out that the Egyptians are suing us for international discrimination and demanding as a redress that we bomb and then rebuild their country.  Hey it is only fair.

Of course any such law suit would soon lead to others by Syria, Yemen, and every other third world sand pit in the Middle East. 

Three weeks in Libya, $1.5 billion spent, and what have we accomplished?  Well I have to say that Libyan rebels are taking on the airs of a modern military force in spray painting brown stripes on their Toyota Tundras with mounted .50 caliber machine guns and rocket launchers in their beds.

This whole situation in the Middle East is beginning to show itself as the pathetic con it is.  Every day we are hearing more about the Muslim Brotherhood which is being morphed before our very eyes from radical Islam to a group of regular caring fellows who have embraced the virtues of democracy.

I believe that traitors in our government are perpetrating the incidents in the Middle East to cover their actions in arming the Al Qaeda extremists to prepare for a Middle Eastern war pitting the so called Allies against radical Islam.  Of course they will be shooting our soldiers with US financed armaments, but hey you can’t have a real war until everyone is armed.

It is kind of amusing to think that the United States government is arming Al Qaeda at the same time that they are working diligently to further restrict the 2nd Amendment right of the American people to own and bear arms. 

My fellow Americans we are sold out, both economically and morally, and I hate to think of the judgment that history is going to meet out to us as a consequence.  If things keep on their current course the stigma the German people were left with after World War II is going to be paled in comparison.   I don’t know that the rest of the world is going to accept the explanation that we allowed our government to get out of our control, but the fact that we did will have earned us our shame.

God forgive us our inability to do what we know to be right.

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