5 thoughts on “Electric cars catch fire in Florida after flooding

  1. But of course! Anyone with half a brain knows that when electric meets salt water…. but leave it to the affluenzas who buy these “vehicles” due to “climate change”…. And then you have the more sicko affluenzas “muddying” at “Burning Man” and cannot escape ….. When you parley with Satan, you get what you deserve!

  2. Up here in the frigid north east , we have seasonal salt water on our roads when the de-icing salts and brine they pour all over our roads up here ., I first of all would never own any of these electric piles of controlled crap , but if you do , you dam sure best not be parking it in your attached garage, or charging it in there , especially those stupid houses that decided putting a garage under the bed room was a great idea .. eh for obvious reasons that’s a bad plan even with gas powered vehicles and Fords

    more death by design ..meh

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