Enormous new factory blast rocks Chinese industrial region – reports


Another huge blast at a chemical facility has reportedly occurred in the Chinese province of Shandong. The explosion, located in an industrial zone in Lijin, Dongying City, happened late on Monday, China’s People’s Daily reported.

The blast was so massive it could be seen and heard from a great distance. A chemical factory is believed to have been in the area. According to People’s Daily, the blast happened at around 11:30pm local time (3:30pm GMT).  

No immediate reports of casualties or damages were available

The plant in Shandong province which caught fire on August 22 produced hundreds of thousands of tons of adiponitrile – a toxic colorless liquid which releases poisonous gases when it reacts with fire, local media reported.

China has been hit by a wave of massive blasts at its chemical facilities this month. Earlier in August, nearly 160 people were killed and around 700 injured in explosions at a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin port. Fifiteen people still remain missing following the tragedy, authorities said on Monday. Cleanup crews are still struggling with cyanide contamination in the area.


8 thoughts on “Enormous new factory blast rocks Chinese industrial region – reports

    1. Agree Millard. Perhaps when they pull the plug on the stock market they can blame it on all these explosions in China?

      1. Interesting observation, Katie. The Chinese stock markets have been crashing lately and at the same time two explosions occur. I’m sure that can’t be a coincidence.

  1. Yeah Hatr. How long before or shit over just starts melting for no reason. I mean I can understand if a jet fuel processing facility. You know that jet fuel can just about melt anything these days.

  2. It looks like someone is at war with China and the MSM is trying to portray it as though it were “accidents”.

    So is this how they plan on waging war with China and Russia now? By proclaiming every factory blast or bombing as an “accident”? What happens when our factories or places blow up by China? Oh that’s the MSM will just blame it on extremists or terrorists. Talk about spinning everything upside down.

  3. One’s an instance, two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern and four’s a conspiracy. If two more happen in the next week or two, you can be damn sure someone’s at war with China, whether it be internal or external fighting.

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