8 thoughts on “ENTIRE House Of Representatives Gives Standing Ovation To Cops After Killing Unarmed Mother

  1. Well, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. This woman decided to plow her car through security barricades like she was driving a Bearcat on a critical mission, and she had a baby with her in the car. While the politicians in Washington couldn’t care less about the lives of the American people, this woman didn’t show any concern for the safety of her child. I’m sure there is a whole lot more to this story and that more facts will be coming out in the days ahead.

    1. What we do not know is what was going on with the woman. Was she unable to get medications she was on. Was she suffering some shocking event. No mother in her right mind would put her child in danger. Therefore we must see that something was amiss. Now they knew it was a woman. I am sure they saw her. Whether anyone knew there was a child in the car at that moment we do not know however, she did not flash a weapon and cops need to understand other factors are involved. You can shoot tires over shooting a person. Common sense is very lacking.

      Congress are idiots and to prove it look at the ratings. The department of Homeland Security and the airport touchy feeley agents have a higher rating than Congress and so does the IRS and that is how bad it is.

      1. I was right ……
        Investigators found two medications in the apartment of Miriam Carey: one used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder; the other an antidepressant, a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation told CNN.

        Carey, 34, of Stamford, Connecticut, was killed by police gunfire after a chase from near the White House to near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.

        Follow complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, CNN.com and CNN Mobile.

  2. How do you know she wasn’t just sightseeing and took a wrong turn into the gate area then being swarmed by psycho government men pointing guns at her and her baby causing a sense of panic because she knows how trigger happy they are she took off and then they chased he down and shot the shit out of her.

    1. Pretty interesting perspective. Nothing the government or media tells us now is totally the truth. But we can all be assured there were enough cameras around DC from all angles to tell us the whole story but will we ever see them. But then we have never seen but one camera shot of the Navy Yard shooter released by the FBI who threw out some bait that supposedly the Navy and Pentagon didn’t want us to see.

      Looking at the video are at least a dozen police had guns directed at the driver, some within only 2 feet from the drivers head. But why was it not one had the instinct, judgement or training to immediately shoot out the tires and disable the car. It’s a clear insight into the attitude, mentality and moral cultural decay of those operating in today’s militarized police state. Even my 90 year old father made the same initial observation.

      Its just the state of mind of a government at the Federal, State, County and City level out of control.

  3. …my gosh…we had to postpone the hanging of Mr. Assad for a few weeks or months…but that’s okay…we can feel great about gunning down an unarmed woman…and then get our rocks off by giving the thugs a standing ovation…?

    Our society is led by some sick people….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  4. The more I search out this event the more it seems this story is a bunch of BS. to many conflicting stories (as usual) and a whole lot of things that do not make sense.
    None of the police that gunned this woman down ever heard of a Taser? Not that I’m promoting pain compliance. Just saying, one shot with a Taser and the outcome of the incident would have been completely different.
    But like I said, I’m still questioning whether this event was even real and not staged.

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