Kaspersky Lab launches 2014 security products for consumers

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Yesterday, Kaspersky Lab announced the release of their Internet Security 2014 and Anti-Virus 2014 security solutions for home use. These two flagship products offer a host of new features and upgrades to augment their previous version.

What’s new with the 2014 version are the Trusted Applications Mode, Anti-Blocker, and ZETA Shield features. These versions also improved on the Safe Money for protection while doing online banking and Parental Control features. KIS 2014 and KAV 2014 are also now optimized for Windows 8 with fast GUI response and lower resource consumption.  

Trusted Applications Mode gives you better control as to which application you can safely run or install in your machine based on Kaspersky Whitelisting Service. This is particularly useful for those pop-up malware windows that look like real antivirus program and will prompt you to click Install.

Anti-Blocker will protect you against Trojans that restrict access to your system and demand money for the restriction to be lifted. These usually happens during drive-by downloads where you visit an infected site and will install a malware into your machine without your knowledge.

ZETA Shield is used to combat against zero-day exploits and targeted attacks. What Kaspersky does is scan the data stream for code fragments characteristic of exploits built into legitimate files.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is made for those who wants protection both offline and online. If your machine is not connected online, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 should do the trick.

Pricing for these products are as follows:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014
  • 1-user – P1,160
  • 3-user – P1,980
  • 5-user – P3,080
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014
  • 1-user – P760
  • 3-user – P1,420
  • 5-user – P2,120

Exclusive only in the Philippines, Kaspersky is offering their 2014 products with an extra 1-year license for free with every purchase.


5 thoughts on “Kaspersky Lab launches 2014 security products for consumers

  1. Best in the business.

    I’ve never used any other anti-virus program, and I’ve never had anything get past Kaspersky.

      1. Absolutely, NC.

        At this point, they at least APPEAR to be more trustworthy than any other internet security companies out there.

        They DID expose the CIA/Mossad Stuxnet/Flame viruses, when no one else was either aware of it, or unwilling to do so if they were.

        1. In that case, I’m still thinking controlled opposition with Kaspersky in order to encourage everyone that Russia does it better just like this Putin on a pedestal thing. I’m still hesitant and very skeptical. They may be protecting my information for our government, but what’s to stop them from protecting my information from the Russians. Yea, I’m paranoid.

          1. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

            Information on the internet CAN’T be protected (imo), so as long as that’s a given (for me, anyway), then all I care about is not having my computer infected, and the hard drive crashed on me.

            It’s the only lifeline I have to reality, and truthful news.

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