Eric Holder Guilty of Political Error

Attorney General Eric Holder is refusing to turn over Justice Department documents to a Congressional Committee investigating Fast and Furious.  It has been said that Congress will seek to hold Holder in contempt if he does not turn over the documents by Memorial Day.  The Obama administration is saying that the Committee’s actions are nothing more than a political attack.

Eric Holder is a lieutenant in the Obama drug cartel.  Look at the facts.  Acting under orders from Holder, who stands at Obama’s right hand, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) shipped rifles, pistols, and hand grenades across our southern border to Mexican drug cartel members.

Those weapons were traded for heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine, which were shipped to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who then distributed those drugs to street dealers, who sold them to American citizens.

The money derived from the drugs was then shipped to central banks in South and Central America, where it was laundered and then deposited into….whose account?

This so called operation Fast and Furious/Operation Gunrunner/Operation Gun Walker is nothing short of an international crime.  If an official in one of our municipalities on a local level is caught committing a crime for profit, the fact that he or she is a government official actually adds to the levity of the crime.  However it seems when you get to the top of the pyramid, the crime is no longer a crime as the definition of crime is changed to political error.

If you look at it realistically, every crime, felony, misdemeanor, violation is political, as laws are created and enforced through a political process.  So I guess the question is, will Eric Holder, like Dick Cheney when his company Halliburton was being investigated, get away with simply telling the Congress of the United States to “F— Off”?  Remember, Cheney was never brought to account for the 2 trillion tax payer dollars embezzled by his company Halliburton.

When we identify these people as the international corporate mafia, we are not trying to be sensational.  This is literally what they are.  If an American non-elitist is caught trading a pistol for a bag of marijuana in a cross border transaction, he or she will be charged with a felony and face 20 years in prison.  God forbid if a foreign national is killed with that gun, the American will be charged as an accessory to international murder.  When Eric Holder does the same thing on a massive scale, it is called a political error.

Is this what equality in the United States has come to?  And more importantly, are we the American people going to continue to allow these outrages to occur without consequence, if for no other reason than those who are breaking our laws are our law enforcement?

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Eric Holder Guilty of Political Error

  1. Eric ‘The Holder’ Holder has a lot of loose ends to tie up with Bush41 retiring from the ‘drugs for guns’ trade. Bush41’s doing ‘Fast and Furious’ goes back at least as far as 1952, when he slithered into the White House on Veep Nixon’s leash. Bush41’s dad Prescott, was Hitler’s banker and Nixon’s boss. Look up “Operation40”, kids.

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