EU denounces Iranian president’s words on holocaust – It is an insult to the victims

The European Union has responded Tuesday to the words of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who called for more research on the Holocaust, stating that the statements represent an insult to the memory of the victims.

6 thoughts on “EU denounces Iranian president’s words on holocaust – It is an insult to the victims

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    1. Not funny and very true!! Invest in What!!?!! Hope to fck you don’t have a 401k!! Its getting eatin dwindling away … so much for retiring!!!

  2. “The holocaust is a historical fact. It is uhhh proven. It is documented.”

    By who? The Russian jews who came in after the war & built the fake gas chamber? The American jews who “liberated” the prisoners after they bombed all the supply routes & let them starve for months? What a joke!!! The Germans were extremely methodical & kept meticulous records of EVERYTHING they did & all of their records were found after the war. Funny then that they kept absolutely NO records of anything anywhere near resembling any kind of “extermination” plan for jews. In FACT it is recorded in documents, photos AND film that jews had ALL of the normal “pleasantries” of everyday life inside the work camps including football fields & games areas, swimming pools, cinemas, etc, etc, etc. The fact that these jews have to still get up on podiums today & have to attempt to still ram down everyone’s throats the words that start this comment off shows clearly that they have to keep reinforcing the LIES to try to make them stick! Truths stand unattended on its own but lies need constant management…

  3. Ally, you write the truth so well. Nailed it! Go figure that they got treated better than everyone out there in the raw reality of the war. Not to mention all the millions of survivors out there today, collecting from the Germans.

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