Ex member of MS-13 says Trump is RIGHT and he knows nearly a dozen gangsters hiding in caravan

Daily Mail

An 18-year-old who claims to be a former member of the feared Latin mafia MS-13 has backed President Trump’s controversial claim that the migrant caravan contains gangsters and criminals.

Trump has faced a barrage of criticism for insisting that the brutal Central American street gang’s operatives are embedded in the sprawling human convoy.   

However the 18-year-old, an orphan who says he was lured into the gang at 16, told DailyMail.com he knows of at least ten of his former MS-13 cohorts who are hiding out in the mass of disheveled migrants marching north through Mexico.

‘I don’t agree with anything Donald Trump stands for but on this occasion the President is right,’ he warned. ‘People who deny there are criminals in the caravan are being naive. MS-13 are everywhere – they contaminate everything.’

The teen, who asked to be referred to by the street name ‘Pepito’ for fear of reprisals, said the majority of his former associates were trying to leave the gang life behind and turn their backs on violence.

However he warned that MS-13 bosses treat deserters as enemies and will have operatives mingling with the crowds to try to spot them.

Read the rest here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6320371/Ex-member-MS-13-says-Trump-RIGHT-knows-nearly-dozen-gangsters-hiding-caravan.html

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