Exchange your assault weapon for up to $250 in gift cards this Saturday in Miami

Sun Sentinel

The Miami Police Department wants your guns. And they’ll give you gift cards in exchange for weapons this weekend, no questions asked.

The gift cards will be for Walmart, Target or Milam’s stores and are valued from $50 or more, depending on the type of gun and the number of weapons donated, the police department said.  

Folks turning in an AR-15 or AK-47 style rifle may receive cards worth up to $250, the agency said.

The buyback will happen Saturday, March 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Henderson Park in Little Havana.

“Our gun buybacks are a great opportunity to take some guns off the street and out of the hands of criminals that might use them to commit numerous types of crimes,” Commander Freddie Cruz said in a Facebook post.

Donors should arrive with unloaded weapons. Officers will be available to help those who don’t know how to remove ammunition.

The park, at 971 NW 2nd St., is west of Interstate 95, north of West Flagler Street and south of the Miami River.

10 thoughts on “Exchange your assault weapon for up to $250 in gift cards this Saturday in Miami

  1. Nope..

    and what a rip off , buncha thieves

    I hope they end up with every gift card they bought at the end of this

    umm someone needs to tell them that criminals are not going to bring their guns in to them for 50$ to 250$


  2. Then they can resell them to the gangs, who always want more guns, and who’s crimes they can’t stop!

  3. Ha! Maybe we need an outreach for people who have turned in their guns or who are CONSIDERING turning in their guns. For starters, there could be a community gathering where they are shown Mao movies, the gorier the better. This could be followed by a talk by any Trencher in the vicinity.

    Okay, reaching for straws, and kinda joking, but really something has to be done about such complicity, no?


    1. Galen,

      I remember there being a buy back in Washington state and people were there who were buying the guns from those who were going to sell back to the state/city.

      In states where you can do this PtP(should be every state) sale that’s what should happen exactly.

      1. Yes, that’s a good thing. I mostly was concerned with the compliant, their unquestioning willingness to give up and not execute a most important right.

        So they then join ranks with the enemy, become the enemy. This, in a time where allies are so very needed, like a lung needs air and a heart needs camaraderie. Shall we call them deserters?


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