Executive Director of Armed Citizen Project, Kyle Coplen, on CNN

Published on Mar 30, 2013 by Armedcitizenproject

So in 3 minutes, CNN tries to link the Armed Citizen Project to the Giffords shooting and Newtown. Also started the segment by trying to link ACP to Emanuel Goldstein… I mean Wayne LaPierre. Good job CNN.

2 thoughts on “Executive Director of Armed Citizen Project, Kyle Coplen, on CNN

  1. The International Jew does not want the Goyim armed. Hard to totally enslave an armed populace. Never surrender your arms. Buy more. Train everyone you know and encourage the arming of everyone that can legally own firearms. Stock up on ammunition. Hold fast and be ready. Hold your elected treasonous, traitorous trash “officials” responsible and never let them disarm you. Just ask an Aussie how that is working out for them.

  2. Wow… it is apparent that it was extremely difficult for these CNN entertainers to be able to formulate a relevant question based upon a given response from the guy being interviewed. There was a couple of times where he could have easily said “I already answered that.”

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