5 thoughts on “Explosion and fire at Montana ExxonMobil refinery

    1. Yup
      Always is
      These places run flawlessly for years
      Than all of a sudden
      Fuel crisis mode
      Gotta burn down a few wear houses for insurance money ( notice the fire suppression systems in the last 3 wear house fires mysteriously didn’t work ) and refineries , yeah don’t forget the refineries

  1. How convenient as we are exporting the last of all our oil to Europe. Like I said, the elite are trying to run (or bleed) all of the Western countries dry.

  2. Yes, funny how all of these refineries, fertilizer plants and chemical plants seem to be blowing up right at this critical time. All of them are on purpose.

    1. yup
      like that wal-mart Wearhouse.. what ? not up to code with a functioning fire suppression system ? yeah not buying that and their insurance company shouldn’t either that was straight up inside arson

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