Exposing Alex Jones and his Cronies

Alex Jones has been exposed for having ties with The CIA/STRATFOR FBI & AIPAC

The following conversation of Stew Webb reflect this fact.

According to the information Alex Jones purpose is to put out disinformation/misinformation and leak certain items in the news that has handlers want released for their own agenda.  

Alex Jones purpose is also to spin certain mainstream media news that they want to be redirected in another way.

This audio is all you need to hear that he is working for the government.

Who is Stew Webb?

Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist of 29 years has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and was responsible for the  Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams for in the 1989 HUD Hearings, He is also responsible for the investigations that lead to the Iran-contra hearings which investigated the drugs for guns covert actions committed by the united states government and other entities.

Jason “ADL” Bermas one of Alex J-Edgar Jones employees responded to one his callers in the following way.

Caller: 90% of the media is controlled by jews and zionists are responsible for the worlds problems.

Jason Bermas: Jew Critics are anti-semites, why havent you just thrown a toaster oven in the bathtub and had a party?

Who is he? His father is the ceo of XM Sirius radio. Get the picture?

Watch the end of this video as Mike Delaney(Creator of 911 missing links and operator of prothink) questions Alex about who runs the show and he just starts tearing
into him with a tirade of profanities and threats when Mike mentions who.

Alex Jones (2009) – 2mins 10 secs AJ: “I never heard his (William Cooper’s) radio show and never heard of his book (Behold a Pale Horse) “William Cooper called me a
transvestite with RUBY nipple rings”

“It was all because Genesis put my show on at night and he thought i was going up against him”

William Cooper exposes Alex Jones as a FBI Cointelpro Fear-mongering Shill Dec 31 1999

4-17-2003 Alex Jones exposing all his family ties

AJ: “Let me tell a story, I grew up in Dallas Texas doing things with my family like helping taking in former East German defectors, when i go to my family reunion half the people in the room are former or retired cia.”

Alex Jones cancels speaking tour 3 days after exposed as a Stratfor agent (Infowars/prison planet created same year as Stratfor)

40 thoughts on “Exposing Alex Jones and his Cronies

  1. ‘Captain Blowhard,’ AKA Alex Jones, gets exposed again for being a Jew fifth-columnist portraying himself as some kind of hero for exposing ‘globalists,’ who are actually the ones behind Jones.

    Another fraud is ‘Mikey’ Rivero of “WRH,” who blames the ‘money junkies’ for the worlds problems.

    If you know who owns the blood-sucking Federal Reserve, is in control of the US Treasury and State departments and can make the US Congress do lap dances, then you’ll know whose really behind our miseries.

    1. The secret word is Zionist big difference. No one is hating anyone what we see is people wanting to warn us of the AGENDA created by the ZIONISTS, who run everything.

    2. Yes, AJ and that Mike Rivero bastard are one the same team I think. Remember what RBN did, last year shutting down FTTWR and then – if I remember right – rivero getting his cocky mouth involed. And then AJ was asked to come up on The Word , and as yet we all have heard no word from that weasel. I know Henry remembers these problems with RBN and AJ and rivero.

  2. me thinks you protest too much….

    when i see articles in the alternative media that claim somebody is cointelpro, mockingbird, zio-shill, government plant or whatnot, all i can see is one of two things….either someone who has taken their conspiracy thinking to a level that MAY be a bit too far, or someone that wants to poison the well.

    alex jones might be many things. including an egomaniac but his radio show has better guests than anything out there. if someone can come up with a better news show in radio format for my ipod, i’ll listen.

    in the meantime, i frequent other news outlets on the web like this one. and whatreallyhappened. even rense every few days. i like global research and daily bell. all run by equal ego maniacs of different stripes. so what?

    i’m a smart guy. i’m a heavy news reader. i can tell what aj is not reporting and what others are not reporting. i can think for myself. i don’t need folks with their own agendas telling me who they think is controlled. it just comes off bad.

    1. Exactly, if AJ is working for the CIA he isn’t doing a very good job. This hit piece would better describe Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. Why aren’t they talking about all the things AJ is? If anyone is a shill for the establishment it’s those guys.

      1. your sarcasm slays me.

        i guess i should’ve said…

        i’m a big boy and can make up my own mind.

        no need to dis me. i’m not dissing anyone else.

        1. Fair enough. I extend my apology, as you do make some great points.

          One should always guard against letting others tell you what to think, who to listen to, etc. I couldn’t agree more.

          I do feel (very strongly) that AJ isn’t on the side of the true American Patriot.

          1. AJ is there to make money by spreading fear, exageration and lies. His approach is to alienate the middle class, while serving as a magnet for nibiru crowd. The only reason he has big name guests is that he is supported by mainstream money media.

            He once said that he understands why the elite eat babies. If that is not the rhetoric of a sick narcisisstic moron, then I don’t know what is.

    2. Alex Jone$ CIA? No, but he is definitely controlled by jews, make no mistake about it. If you don’t believe it I would really have to wonder what’s wrong with your head. To start with here are some topics he NEVER talks about and you have to ask yourself ‘why’–go to this site to learn more:


      Further proof?


      So basically his controllers are jews with bad intentions, mostly supremacists. What more is there to say? He’s not on your side…

  3. Hey guys/gals…Been wondering lately if it be AJ or Rivero or even fromthetrenches even matters..Yeah, I browse several websites, including this one, rivero, infowars, natural news, zerohedge, etc. Kinda to just see what is happening in the world. But I came across this 30 minute video that kinda puts all my perspectives and beliefs in 30 minutes. I usually would not post a 30 minute video because I know there are so many out there, people dont want to listen that long. But this one is really worth it. It kinda makes all the websites I mention above obsolete. I hope you take the time. I know latest info points to ashkerian but who cares who it is? We know they are out there, and what they are doing and their plans for NWO etc, why not just ignore them and see what happens? Anyway, here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvPzsixYIH0

  4. So if your not operating out of your mom’s basement then you’re cointel. I visit many different sites to get a variety of information. The very sites that blast Alex also post all his articles, hmmm. It makes these sites look bad criticizing their competition. There is plenty of evil from TPTB to report without in fighting in the alternative media. This is like CNN calling MSNBC a govt mouth piece while claiming their voice of reason. Just saying.

    1. Guess I wouldn’t be in this basement if I had a multi-billionaire gold merchant like Ted Anderson putting up the financing.
      As for AJ’s articles, at least when we put them up, we give his site credit, unlike when he recently used our video piece on the gunboats in Louisiana.
      Alex is an elitist, interested only in preserving the status quo. He is living quite well and to pretend that he can relate to we in the Trenches is pure bullshit.

  5. Cooper’s tip off is all I needed to ‘bottom shelf’ AJ only a couple of years after Koernke and Stadtmiller turned me on to AJ (not fingering Koernke or Stadtmiller – I’m only mentioning them as it was on the Intel Report where I first heard of AJ).

    Now, as someone who has been listening to “alt media” since before the ubiquitousness of the Internet (shortwave), I do find it interesting how AJ ignores the huge lumbering pink Zionist elephant in the room.

    MHO? AJ is CIA, all the way

  6. I agree with pffft. 1. Since israel’s owner owns saudi arabia also, it isnt too far stretched to have saudi buy the media…they are all the same people. I dont know, just sayin. And to say he is around x-cia means nothing. Many x-cia people start changing after they get out and start telling the truth. And who someones father is dont cut it either. My dad cheated on my mom, does that mean I would cheat on my wife? I dont. I dont know, as pfft says, I think these hit pieces should cease without more credible evidence. IMO I would spend more time on sharing your own views rather than using evidence that is not substantial to put someone else down. AJ had David Icke on for 3 hours one day, and David Icke talked mostly about the zionist controllers in detail…I also know that when I started to listen to AJ, it made me want to go out and research more, thus finding the ashkarian situation etc. In fact, I have even grown above the ashkarian facts, it doesnt matter who it is, maybe it some type of reptile, or alien form, or satan, or whatever, they are out there and they plan to destroy humanity thru programing our minds to keep us from seeing who we really are. I think David Icke explains it well in the previous video I posted. One thing I really dislike about AJ is he tends to put our thoughts in a reality made up by the controllers. If we go into the controllers reality, we are not in our own reality of truth that is beyond protesting, and trying to change the government etc. I dont know if AJ is controlled or not, but if ya want to put him down, the previous sentence pretty much says alot. Watch the dang video I posted, take 30 minutes out of your life, it is worth it.

    1. Okay, I’ll bite – as much as I’m inclined to dislike Icke (see what I did thar? hehe), I’ll check out the video in your above link.

    2. Hey hweinhard, once a govt. employee always a F`n govt. employee, there is no change of heart, they are all a bunch of bought off criminals period…. You say that many ex cia start changing after they get out and start telling the truth well I call BS on that as they knew what they were doing in the cia and govt. and the only reason they start squaking is because now the going is getting tough for them pos govt. employees. Like they say ” When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You ever hear of that sayin` there hweinhard ?

      1. Yep. There is no such thing as ex-CIA or ex-NSA. These govt. whistleblowers are most likely still on the payroll. Those organizations would never allow former employees to spill “state secrets” all over the media otherwise.

    3. Okay, so here’s my problem with Icke (yes, I did listen to the video from your earlier post). I’ve heard Icke before and I don’t seem to jibe with him.

      In short, what I’m hearing is that Icke claims that we can throw off our shackles through the power of imagination. If we can only “wake up” to who we really are… if we can only “realize” that we have the power… if we can just “ignore” the prison walls that TPTB are building around us… You see what I’m saying? It’s way too out there for me, and personally I don’t believe any of it.

      I don’t think Mao’s victims could imagine their way out of their slaughter, any more than could Stalin’s victims, any more than could Pol Pot’s victims, ad nauseam.

      Similarly, the reality of the situation we are in today cannot be “thought powered” away any more than the colonists could “thought power” their way to freedom from King George.

      Sitting around and meditating our way to some sort of metaphysical wake-up will not remove the boot from our collective neck.

      1. Thanks, you summarize my view quite nicely and it is why ANYONE that claims to be a true patriot and doesn’t spend most of their airtime to give concrete solutions is either a useful idiot or a traitor.

        In regard to AJ, I trust Mark Koernke’s judgment that he has betrayed true patriots on occation and shouldn’t be trusted. Now having said that, I still listen to AJ to get a summary of issues that true patriots should keep abreast of. I always knew something wasn’t right about AJ when he spent 75% or more of his time preaching a futile to resist message and only a small portion preaching, “if you come for our guns, 1776 will commence” message.

        As James 1:8 says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” We should be on the guard of people that are inconsistent especially on matters of life and death which is what true patriotism is.

        Death to the NWO, we shall prevail ladies and gentlemen.

  7. Went down the rabbit hole 17+ years ago. Am a long time activist veteran who’s been there and done that.

    Frankly, I think the bashing of Mike Rivero is over the top. He’s constantly attacking the Zionists. Nobody’s perfect. Raise your hand if YOU think you are.

    As for Jones, who I’ve listened to since 1999, I believe that he’s done tremendous work for the most part.

    As a longtime listener, I immediately recognized a change in his reporting in the summer of 2012, when he hired a former STRATFOR employee to be the editor of his magazine and became big buddies with 911 truth haters Zionists Joe Farah and Michael Savage.

    Of course, he’s been a well known Zionist apologist all along. However, I’m experienced enough to know what’s good and what’s bad about his journalism. But, you’re a goddam fool to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    His guests alone, are usually excellent and have their own view points you can learn from.

    As for Stu Webb, I listened to him quite a few times back about 6-7 years ago. I personally think he’s an agitator. I don’t give a sh*t what his background is/was. His inside info usually turned out to be completely unverifiable.

    1. I agree with a lot of the things you’re saying here. Never cared much for Webb either, as well as M. Savage and (especially) J. Farah.

      Jones has woken a lot of people up – I’ll give him that, but IMO he’s guilty of leading people around in circles. And though he does have some good guests, it’s hard to hear them over Jones’s constant interruption.

      BTW, anyone remember that big GCN “scandal” several years ago?

  8. Just did a google search on XM Sirius CEO. It’s a guy named Jim Meyers.

    Whoever wrote this story needs to post a link confirming this alleged “Fact”.

    We don’t need BS disinformation from Jones or anyone else.

    Either post a link confirming this alleged “FACT” or people can dismiss this entire article as misinformation.

    BTW, I have no problem if Bermas is his kid. I just need confirmation. Any experienced researcher would have posted it.

  9. IMHO, nearly ALL alternative news aggregater sites spread some disinformation, whether they want to or not, simply because very few folks know absolutely what the truth is in the various situations. Simply blaming Israel or the banksters or the CIA for everything is not necessarily the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every site, including FTTWR, engages in speculation as well as truth telling. But yes, Alex Jones is one of the worst (mostly because he’s such a narcissist!)

  10. SCV..I understand what you are saying. Maybe both our perspectives have equal legitimacy. Maybe keep both thought processes in mind. Kinda like rubbing your tummy and chewing gum at the same time 🙂 well, or not. 🙂
    I dont sit around and meditate all day, I do things mostly for family and self sufficiency (which is why I visit FTT, it gives some good survival info), but I do make sure my day includes things such as the video from David Icke.
    I wonder about stories such as “Daniel in the hungry lions den” and he
    didnt get killed. Isnt it our duty to at least look into what we might be capable of? If we never search for who we might truly be, then we will never know who we really are. If we live our lives thinking of past atrocities and leting those atrocities rule our lives, is that a good thing? I am just throwing ideas out there..I dont know…I do understand your thoughts tho, and as mentioned, I think we both have good points.

  11. We have one weekend a month in my shop that is dedicated to “FALSE FLAG WEEKEND” in honor of Alex Jones. lol. We really do. Its on the calender. Alex would suck less if he didnt yell like a little girl version of satin. Icke is funny but nuts. Bermas just looks like trust fund baby.

  12. Alex Jones is always just short of telling his audience the real deal. This is what happens when you have been bought by the globalists misinformation gurus. SAD…..

    No surprise here. Hollywood bought and paid for this clown.

    1. My thoughts on AJ is like 95% pure drinking water, there other 5% is arsenic. Would you drink it anyway since the vast majority is pure? AJ might be passing on a lot of valuable info, but either leaves out some of the truth, or drops in disinfo. And to claim he’s in the trenches??? I sure wouldn’t want him in my foxhole telling the world how he’s the tip of the spear, while jabbing my backside! And just ask Mark Koernke how trustworthy he is.

  13. Go ahead and listen to ‘Captain Blowhard,’ hell, it’s about like going to the circus and seeing the freaks.

    Entertainment, just don’t follow that Kosher Klown.

    Below is one of the most damning articles ever written about Alex Jones. Not only does it reveal in great detail how he snitched to the FBI one night after getting his ass kicked in a parking lot, but it also shows his rampant paranoia, delusions, lies, insatiable desire for publicity, long-standing censorship practices, and how he’s historically ran a Zionist protection racket. If anyone wants to see the real Alex Jones, this is the perfect place to start, along with the WING TV Hall of Shame. The article(s) are somewhat lengthy, but well worth reading, especially the section where Alex gets whooped, then declares that he has relatives in the FBI. Don’t be fooled any longer; this guy’s been pulling the same stunts for years now


    1. funny you should bring up victor thorn.
      if anyone gave me pause to listen to their message it was this guy. i ran across his site about 8 years ago. the site was almost entirely hit pieces on prominent people in the “truth/patriot” movement. he had a “tv” internet show(bi weekly?daily?) which showed lots of $$ invested yet he did not have any kind of a following that could pay for it from what i could tell. heck even alex jones didn’t have such a nice studio then…. when someone is trying to make a name for themselves by trashing others(if that is what was really going on….)it looks really bad.

      with that said, i could be wrong….

    2. I would challenge ANYONE to go back and listen to their radio shows and you will actually find out that they were quite accurate and way ahead of the game. The problem is that the stigma against them had already stuck; Alex Jone$ and team buried during the rise of his popularity. Again, I challenge you to listen to their old radio shows. I was once a Jone$stown cult member but I started to see through his bullshit and I went back and listened to their old shows and found out they were right.

  14. AJ isn’t perfect. He can be rude to his guest and callers, and the worst of it is his constant fear mongering in ads and promotions. He tries to profit off fear which drives me crazy, and his advertisers treat the listeners like they are idiots.
    That said, it’s hard to find anyone who has woke up more people than AJ. He tells the truth about 9/11 which most liars generally wont.
    It’s interesting and him and Mike Rivero at WRH, it’s my understanding that they had something of a falling out. Mike is real big on outing zionism which Alex isn’t. My best advice to people is to diversify your listening to others but don’t cut out AJ, he does provide good info. James Corbett of the Corbett report is probably the best person to listen to although he isn’t near as entertaining to listen to as AJ who showboats and yells a lot.

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