Exposing Political Hypocrites Praising Veterans Publicly While Selling Them Out In Backroom Deals

Lone Star Watchdog

Memorial Day is a day we reflect on all the men who went to fight wars to secure our God given liberties. Many have given their life and limb for the cause of freedom. The veterans and their families made many scarifies so we can be free. Many families are still enduring these sacrifices because the men or women who were misled to go fight wars for Israel and the Bankers. They return home with limbs missing and illnesses still needing treatment after leaving the service.

What I read about the VA hospitals having a secret list to deny treatment hoping the veterans will die before they can get treatment, this is nothing new, There has been many concerns about how the VA hospitals about its inefficiency. That goes for any government bureaucracy. But when I hear about a VA worker wishing Veterans would just die because it cost money to treat them.  Something is wrong inside the VA that is really bad.   

It is a shame the illegal aliens get better medical care and assistance from the state better than the US veterans. Congress voted to cut veterans benefits at the same time gave the money to provide for illegal aliens health care.

Veterans have had their health care or pensions cut off because they criticized the President or the government.

They are being denied the right to keep and bear arms when they go to the VA hospital. All they say is “I am having a bad day” Then have their guns confiscated. Veterans with PTSD are being deprived the right to self defense without being adjudicated in a court of law. No due process by bureaucratic fiat when these veterans have not harmed anyone.

This Memorial Day, if any of these members of Congress or Senators who voted to cut the funding for veterans attend a ceremony to carry a wreath at some veterans’ cemetery; these people need to be shouted down as liars and hypocrites. They need to be exposed as selling out the US veterans to special interest.

The veterans are being dealt a very raw deal. The US government is not honoring their contract to those who were called to serve. Congress, as much as the President, is to blame. They both have failed the men and woman of the armed forces who need treatment.

I see many homeless veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who need treatment and help. These people are forgotten by our government who would like it if they would just disappear and not ask for help from the VA.  These people are victims of political hypocrisy.

Yes Political hypocrisy. These politicians will give speeches at the VFW and the American Legion. They will be at the ceremonies back in their congressional districts on Veterans Day or Memorial Day praising them for their sacrifices for freedom and saying they are for the veterans. When they return to Washington, they vote and work against the veteran making sure Israel and Wall Street are funded well before even considering the plight of the veterans. These politicians need to be called out as traitors and sell outs to the veterans.

We must expose and call these politicians out for betraying the fighting men and woman of this country who need treatment for injuries sustained in service defending this country. Not only calling them out at these veteran ceremonies. We have to call them out in town hall meetings. Be a citizen journalist asking them in these politicians’ faces asking them the hard questions why they increased funding to for illegal aliens and cut the benefits to the veterans.

Veterans are being deprived of not only treatment and the right to live a quality life. Laws under Obamacare give employers preference to hire illegal aliens over the US Veterans. There are no jobs returning home from the battlefield. Washington DC in all three branches of government has betrayed the veterans. It is time we call them out for being sell outs.

We owe the veterans our very best above the Israelis and any other special interest in the halls of government, instead of bailing out the insurance companies because Obamacare failed.  That money can be used to meet the obligations the government owes to the veterans. The well being of our veterans is not for sale to the highest bidder to fund the reelection war chest of the hypocrite politician.

This Monday, if you see the member of the house and Senate at a ceremony praising the veterans with a straight face when they voted to cut veterans benefits to fund illegal aliens. Call out for what they truly are. HYPOCRITES!


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