10 thoughts on “Looks like they used the same director in Santa Barbara that directed the Boston Bombing False Flag

  1. No, “they” wouldn’t do that now, would they???

    Honest to goodness, when I saw the video of the man who was faking to be the father of one of the men killed, I thought he looked familiar, I really did.

    These maniacs are so stupid, and this is what makes them most dangerous!!!!!!

  2. That’s him…… and I guess it’s safe to assume that ALL mass-killings and terror attacks are government operations.

    I can’t remember any that haven’t had the FBI’s hand in ’em.

  3. ….and still America sleeps….

    Why so blatant?

    “We don’t care…..because we don’t have to”

  4. My bullshit detector started twitching when I heard “Asberger’s”. Jebus! My kids could create better scripts than these government clowns.

    1. Better is of no consequence – something the masses like and readily accept is all that’s required.

      At some point over the past few years you must of turned thru some TV channels looking for something that was not complete trash to watch. Along the way you must of noticed the absolute low end (as in presented for the largely moronic populous to view & certainly enjoy).

      Believablity takes not much more than being on the news for most to swallow it whole.

      Guess it is time to start my SB Hoax file to add to the to the others I gather info on…

  5. Hmmmmm. Anyone have better pics of the bottom guy? The two guys look similar — yet different. Noses look different (is that a bump on responder’s nose?), mole on “Dad’s” left cheek, ear shapes look dissimilar. Ah, who knows. This doesn’t make or break anything to me. I still smell a BS story.

    1. Did you know that Leonard Nimoy does not really have four inch pointy ears and green skin?

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