12 thoughts on “False Alarm!

      1. WAIT! Are you saying that those self-righteous fudge packers grow and smoke Opium? Where are my seeds? Or do I have to become catholic first?

          1. Yeah, I don’t blame you. There, you go in as a tight end and come out a wide receiver! Bahahaha!

  1. A new pope has just been elected. Some are saying it may be an American pope from Boston. Imagine that. One who would give his soul to the Antichrist Obama. Just as they predicted in the 12th century.

    1. Watch everyone… The Vatican Balcony is about to get struck by lightning! Oh, sorry… that was just a dream!

  2. Pope Francis is named the new Pope. He looks like an old businessman who I wouldn’t trust my money to. Maybe he’s Jewish.

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