2 thoughts on “False Flag – The Trailer

  1. Mike Rivero, WRH is a good info site but he turned me off with his attitude towards participants on his radio show. Like Rush Limbaugh, he doesn’t allow dissent to be heard on his show even as part of a debate. He’ll cut you off like jihadist beheading! It got old for me then diggerdan introduced me to the “Trenches”. Been here ever since. I did enjoy the trailer by Rivero, I just don’t like his attitude. It’s a big turn off.

    1. I enjoyed the trailer by Rivero too as well. And I really enjoy videos narrated by Patrick Willis, he has such amazing voice. I used to visit WRH too but not much anymore. I really like the “Trenches”, it’s a much better website to get the information I am looking for. Plus too the great added advantage of seeing comments from others in the Trenches. Millard it’s nice that you were introduced to the Trenches by Diggerdan. I still miss his presence here and I know that many others do too.

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