Far-left shut down University of North Texas event critical of transitioning children

Andy Ngo

Mar 3, 2022At the University of North Texas in Denton on March 2, 2022, far-left activists shut down the Young Conservatives of Texas event featuring the father who lost custody of his child over objections to the child’s transgender diagnosis. The radicals pounded on the table and shouted, “F— these fascists” over and over to Jeffrey Younger. Younger is currently running as a Republican candidate for the Texas House.

Younger and Kelly Neidert, the conservative student organizer, were eventually evacuated from the event by law enforcement but they were surrounded by far-left extremists outside the building. In the mayhem and desperate evacuation, one of the far-left protesters was hit by a police vehicle, though a university spokesperson said there was no reported serious injuries. Support Ngo’s journalism at https://linktr.ee/AndyNgo

2 thoughts on “Far-left shut down University of North Texas event critical of transitioning children

  1. Could there be any more gross and polluted place than the American campus today? Oh yeah, I forget, the seats of government in every country.


  2. Nature is constantly ensuring that stasis is maintained even when it seems that certain things have strayed way too far from the stasis point than ever before. The further things stray from that stasis point & the longer they stay out on the fringes the more violent the Natural response is to return things back to where they Naturally belong. This planet is overdue for a massive Natural cleanup! It ain’t gonna be pretty but it NEEDS to & WILL happen!

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