Farewell to Pacifism: Japan Passes Bill Allowing Troops to Fight Abroad


According to various estimates, up to 40,000 citizens have gathered outside the Japanese parliament building Friday to protest against the controversial law.

The new legislation, abolishing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that renounces the use of force in settling international disputes, would allow the co-called Self-Defense Force to be sent overseas in an offensive military posture for the first time in seven decades.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/asia/20150918/1027212383.html#ixzz3m7AUVvWP

6 thoughts on “Farewell to Pacifism: Japan Passes Bill Allowing Troops to Fight Abroad

  1. Japan has NEVER been pacifist. The MOX weapons reactors at Fukushima is a blatant example as well as criminalizing reporting on that E.L.E .And remember what the Japanese did to the Chinese and WWII prisoners. Japan pacifist ? My ass . . .

    1. You’re right, Mark, but many of them have changed their ways. It’s their government, controlled by the Zionists that are the problem.

      Like us, their government tried to erase and change their WWII history by ignoring the Rape of Nanjing and countless other massacres and crimes against humanity. Like us, they were manipulated and brainwashed into going to war with other countries in the spirit of their own country.

      However, like us, knowing what we know now, the current generation of Japanese people shouldn’t have to suffer for the sins of their fathers. But unfortunately, like us, if they don’t do something to stop the Zionists, they will. Sad times we live in. 🙁

      1. Given Fukushima, Japan is history. And yes, it’s the Vatican controlled corporations ( I can’t use the word government anymore in good conscience ) that at are the root of all this manipulation and destruction. Unfortunately, ” the sins of the fathers are always revisited on their sons “. It’s the way of this world. Agreed and indeed, horrifically sad times we find ourselves in . . .

  2. Once again, history repeats itself with more cannon fodder for the Jews.

    I have Japanese friends who since 2004, have been saying that the Japanese government is trying to change their Constitution in order to make Japan offensive instead of defensive. They said the majority of the people in Japan, including themselves, were completely against this and are still against this even to this day for fear that another bomb will hit them and history will repeat itself.

    Like us, the Japanese government has been occupied and controlled by the Zionists and anyone that slightly goes against them, always suffers the consequences and has to deal with constant persecution, yet Iceland still continues to get a free pass from Zionist repercussions.

    What the hell makes Iceland so goddamn special? It makes no friggin’ sense whatsoever.

    Is it a place where the Zionist elite can secretly go underground and watch the rest of the world fall to pieces? I just don’t get it.

  3. “According to various estimates, up to 40,000 citizens have gathered outside the Japanese parliament building Friday to protest against the controversial law.”

    40,000 people standing outside a government building ain’t gonna do jackshit just like here in the US.

    However, if 40,000 people armed to the teeth were standing outside a government building, then you’d see things change real quick. 😉

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