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Pursuant to yesterday’s discussion regarding farm subsidies, I decided to do a little digging to find out exactly where our farm subsidies are going so we might add some verifiable fact to the discussion rather than relying on guesswork, or whatever faulty impressions we’re left with by Zionist media outlets.

In 2016, corn subsidies went to 534,845 farmers, soybean subsidies went to 348,637 farmers, and wheat subsidies went to 425, 637 farmers. Sorghum subsidies went to 153,754 farmers, oat subsidies went to 127,165 farmers, and subsidies for cotton, rice, canola, and livestock went to farmers numbering in the tens of thousands each. Others are too small to be worth mentioning here, but the point is that the subsidies were divided up between many more than a million different farmers, and since the money is divided between so many, we’re obviously not talking about large, corporate-owned farms.   

Why do we hear about corporate-owned farms owned by millionaires grabbing “hand-outs”? As is usually the case, it’s a simple matter of where you’re getting your information from, and what their political agenda is. The article discussed yesterday came to us via the “Daily Signal”, which is published by a think-tank comprised chiefly of conservative Jews known as the “Heritage Foundation”, and since we’re already familiar with the Zionist’s political agenda, let’s look at how yesterday’s article would serve it.

Far from being extinct, the fact of the matter is that family-owned farms make up 98% of the farms in America, even if they do only produce about 40% of the crops. I’m surrounded by family-owned farms where I live now, and the same was true of my home in a different state. Although my personal experiences are anecdotal and insignificant as we look at farming across the country, I can attest to the fact that these farmers are poor, and struggling to survive. Some family-owned farms have grown very large, and have become very wealthy, but that’s certainly not the majority. Corporate-owned farms collecting hand-outs are in reality very few, but it’s only what the Zionist news outlets want to show you, for the same reasons they show you welfare recipients dining on lobster and driving new cars. They want to generate public outcry against the farm-aid systems because it would force the last of the independent farms into bankruptcy, and be bought out for pennies on the dollar.

. If your family has succeeded in the farming business for many generations, it’s because basic economic principles insure the expansion of all farms, for reasons stated here:

There’s nothing wrong with becoming wealthy in America, and many people have achieved that status without help from any secret societies or special privileges. Most people will cash in on any government hand-out available to them, whether they need it or not, because they all object to being taxed, and see it as a return on what was stolen from them. But what would happen if the farm-aid program, which began during the Great Depression, were stopped?

The corporate owned farms would lose a few dollars that they can easily do without, and as already mentioned, the family farm that depends on these subsidies would be forced out of business, and be sold to one of the bigger farming operations. This would lead to even more food being produced by fewer people, which would in turn allow them greater control over prices. When the small, independent, family-owned farms are gone, all competition will go with them, and that’s when you’ll see the price of food skyrocket. We already see this phenomenon happening all across the country when a big-box stores put all the local, independently-owned business out of business. Once the competition is gone, prices rise.

Yes, we should eventually put an end to ALL government subsidies and hand-outs, but since the farm subsidies have been ongoing since the Great Depression, they’ve become an unfortunate reality of the farming business in America, and shouldn’t be ended until all of the government’s influence on our lives is ended too, or their end will only benefit the wealthy, raise food prices, and put the ownership of our farmland into the hands of fewer people.

Why are people paid to not grow certain crops?

A farmer in Nebraska can’t know what farmers in Kansas or Idaho are planting in any given year, but the U.S.D.A. does have some idea. If too much farmland in the nation were devoted to one crop, that crop’s price would fall through the floor, causing the failure of many farms. By providing a financial incentive to grow something else, they can help to guarantee that the nation as a whole produces a variety of crops that sell for a price that allows farmers to prosper. If a farmer is paid to not grow wheat, for example, it’s doubtful that he’d let his fields go fallow, but instead he’d plant something else, and have a much better chance of being able to sell it.

Yes, I’m aware that $3 million in farm subsidies are sent to “farmers” in NYC, where there are no farms, and I’ve also hears that the Queen of England collects farm subsidies too. Like any government program, it’s going to be inaccurate, corrupt, and subject to theft, but that doesn’t mean dissolving it completely will be an improvement. At least one congressman is working to change the law to insure that the money only goes to real farmers, and his success would be a sensible improvement over scrapping the life-line of a million struggling farmers because of a handful of thieves.

Please note that I’m NOT addressing Trump’s new farm bill that seeks to reverse economic damage cause by tariffs, but instead this only discusses the farm-aid mentioned in yesterday’s article from the “Daily Signal”.


9 thoughts on “Farm Aid Facts

  1. I’m not going to get long winded about this, but when you make your cites, I assume these are coming from government documents, like corn subsidies went to 534,845 farmers and soybean subsidies went to 348,637 farmers, and wheat subsidies went to 425,627 farmers, etc. ect. ect.
    It’s like this, brother, no pun intended, but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. If I buy a share of stock in any farm across this country, as all the crops are sold as futures three years in advance, guess what, I’m a farmer, and if I have a family, I’m a family farmer.
    ALL the farms run through the banks on lines of credit, leveraged by the bankers and sold in derivatives. All the little farms, you know where the people grew their food to eat with maybe a little crop of tobacco for the extra to get through the year, are gone. But this farm thing, like the rest of the f#@king industry out there has been institutionalized into our minds as something holy.
    Now I know you are quitting smoking and I could never wish you anything but the best at doing so, but don’t you ever try to demean me on this site again. This f#@king country is a shit hole. I’ll make it real clear for you, f#@k the farmers, f#@k the loggers, f#@k the miners, and f#@k the ranchers, just like the rest of us have been f#@ked. No holy cows here. That son of a bitch you would cry to me about, if he was forced to sell his property and all of his equipment, that poor poor son of a bitch would have more than I have ever seen in my life. I say there is no more important work being done in this country at this minute than what we are doing right here, more important than any industry or any holy cow.
    And by the way, we are not a business, we are not corporate owned, there are no shareholders, and there sure as f#@k is no subsidy. One of these days the attitude you displayed toward me today will flip my switch and I will turn this mother f#@ker off and leave the geniuses like you to your own devises.
    By the way by the way, our broadcast computer, after four years of continuous service, just lost its hard drive, there’ll be no government socialist subsidy to take care of it for me. I’ve got to start tearing even older computers apart to get a computer running so that I can be back up on the air Monday, as the insignificant poor son of a bitch existing beneath the holy industry you seem to be wanting to worship.
    And by the way by the way by the way, I don’t need no f#@king farmers as I am as apt at producing food out of nothing as I am at producing the truth out of the same.
    Now I’m going to smoke a cigarette and get my ass to work so I can get more out there for the geniuses to work the hours of their days away trying to make less of my effort.
    F#@k f#@k f#@k the farmers, got it?

  2. I see farms all over the country, I also see huge homes and expensive cars parked on the property, I also see million dollars combines, tractors all controlled by GPS, were talking top of the line equipment, who paid for that? I did, Jolly did, and Henry did. Rows of crops perfectly sewn and harvested later, lines of crops so perfect, you would think God planted them



  3. I come from Agriculture Ancestry and have known Farmers all my life. There is no one who works harder than they do. I have seen them up 24/7 when calving, they set Ditches any time of night, the work is never done. Women were a part of it not just housewives, now they had to go to work to help keep the place. I am 68 and knew of maybe 5 wealthy ones, but they lived in everyday houses and lived a humble lives. They have the highest Suicide rate now. When Mom had her 750 head of Angora Goats on her 75 Acres, we did take a subsidy. Mom had never had any in all her yrs of the industry, she was probly 67 at the time, so probly was unclear or talked into although that would never be like her to do, but we didn’t know i guess how it all worked, but i tried after 2 yrs to say NO we don’t want it, but we had to wait 7 yrs. I could never understand then why we were paid to NOT grow Corn on the irrigated part of the property. Still doesn’t make sense to me but neither does anything else. Thank you for your article

    1. And Tess, my point is that your agricultural ancestry represents the vast majority of farmers, and not the few shown to us by the TV-Zionists that want farm aid stopped.

      Mark, farms you see along major highways you travel are likely well-established old farms that have survived for generations and became wealthy over time. They don’t represent the majority, either.

      Henry, my aim was not to demean you, but to expose the truth, and the sources of my information are linked.

      1. I dont just see them on major highways, I see them back roads, hidden from view, huge farms. Parking lots full of beamers and caddies.

        Most of which are run by wet back taco eaters, financed by me, you and Henry’s family and the rest of our sites families.

        Never yet have I seen American Nationals doing all the work at one of these farms, they’re run by wets.

  4. As for futures, they’re as old as farming itself, and it was farmers who started the futures trading business by accepting “seed money” from a commodities trader for a crop that hadn’t even been planted yet.

    1. The sweat from the brow, the property of time is taken from me to give to someone else without the due process of the law. That is a violation of my rights, that is a violation of me, and I know it is taken to give to a lot of other mother f#@kers in violation of the due process of the law. Are there certain cases where it is okay to take the property of one American national and give it to another American national outside the common law and without the procedural due process? Now lay out your cites to back that one, goddamn it.

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