“Fast Track” to Delegate Enormous Power to Obama

Gun Owners of America

Congress got back to work last week.  And within the next month, the congressional GOP leadership is expected to move a “bait and switch” scheme that could seriously impact the Second Amendment.

The scheme is called “fast track.”

In “fast track,” Congress passes a bill which delegates to Barack Obama the legislative authority to do anything he wants — ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING — so long as he includes it in a “trade agreement.”    

In this case, the trade agreement is the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP or TPA) — currently being negotiated with thirteen Pacific Rim nations.

The problem is that Congress would delegate this authority to Obama without knowing what was in the top secret agreement — and possibly before it is even completely written.

Gun import bans?  Does anyone want to bet that Barack Obama would resist the temptation to sneak these into the TPA?  And, if he does, the agreement must be voted on “up-or-down,” with no amendments and no possibility of a Senate filibuster.  And every word of the agreement would have the force of law.

It would be one thing for a future pro-gun President to engage in these negotiations.  Under such circumstances, GOA would not consider gun owners to have a dog in this fight.

But this President has used his Executive “pen,” time and time again, to circumvent the Congress and the Constitution.  Giving him this “fast track” authority is extremely dangerous. And things will only get more difficult when every Establishment interest in Washington starts pushing Congress to immediately approve this “up-or-down” deal.

We saw, with the anti-gun Cromnibus last month, how difficult it is to stop legislation under these circumstances.

So this is another one of those cases where Congress is being told to pass something “so we can find out what’s in it.”

We do know that Obama’s Hollywood friends will be the big beneficiaries of the TPA.  We also know that there will be a lot of knee-jerk opposition from liberals, who don’t understand that Obama could stick a few feel-good sentences about the environment or collective bargaining — and spin millions of pages of liberal regulations out of them.


4 thoughts on ““Fast Track” to Delegate Enormous Power to Obama

  1. Wow! Electing all those Repubs sure put a crimp in Big O’s style, didn’t it? Uh huh, yep I guess we taught those Dems a lesson.
    Now you know those Repubs are going to be all over this fast track if theres money to be made for their corporate sponsors. And we, the people get screwed…again.

    1. In the words of a wise man = the only thing we can do is Refuse to Comply! This criminal cartel that has taken over the American Government will stop at nothing. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground because they are all the same D’s, R’s and I’s and they do not intend to fail and neither should We the People.

  2. Do it you bunch of pu55ies. I dont think you got the ballz. NO BALLZ!

    Its not like you have authority over me anyways.

  3. It’s time for the American people to realize that we have no government – only criminals and their agenda is to gut the constitution, loot all money possible and bust the Nation with more illegal immigration – we knew our POTUS was a monumental fraud and we need to acknowledge the Congress is 100% against the citizens of America – they can try to take the guns from the public and install their brutal, Israeli trained military-police to combat the public – but the deal is we the people must cut off the funding to this crime cabal and close them down – obviously the Pentagon and DoD is as useless as the rest of them, but we can count on every ex-military to step up for the love of their country and fight for the survival of this now not-so-great- anymore (since the CIA shot JFK)………..country.
    This fraud has to come to an end. Why the secrecy? Because this new trade agreement is blatantly designed to totally destroy America.
    No one should comply with anything these thieving, conniving bastards are doing. Time to recall your Senator and all the others…….States should step up and nullify everything this NAZI-Zionist cartel has done……….

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