FBI postures to aggressively raid Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers: Sources

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

Note: The following information is solely based off reports from sources on the ground, i.e. Pete Santilli and militia, and has not yet been fully confirmed by Intellihub.

  • The FBI has ordered the local hospital to to double or triple their blood and plasma supply
  • Additional medical staff have been called to duty from neighboring counties

  • The FBI has flown in their own ‘combat surgical team’ to be stationed in the area
  • Two FBI helicopters have arrived “under tight security” to Mountain Home Air Force Base and are currently being readied for deployment
  • According to Pete Santilli a NOTAM, ‘no-fly,’ order has been issued over Harney County by the U.S. military
  • A Medevac helicopter was deployed to the Burns Airport
  • ‘1200 environmental activists’ are rumored to arrive, surround, Silver Spur Hotel
  • Authorities working to issue warrants, subjects not yet known

BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — According to reports from on the ground, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has commandeered a portion of the local hospital and is currently setting up a trauma unit in preparation for a future raid of the occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

“They have brought in surgical teams. They have asked for blood. This came from whistleblowers that are very concerned with the situation,” Youtuber Pete Santilli reported on his live stream.

“They have also called for a Medevac helicopter to be on standby,” said Santilli.

To this point the FBI has not engaged the occupiers with an open dialogue and now seems to be posturing for a physical approach of the compound.

As of Tuesday, the FBI claims nothing is imminent, Santilli said.


21 thoughts on “FBI postures to aggressively raid Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers: Sources

  1. I hope these guys got body armor and a means to repel the Fed Coats
    It sounds like the Feds are getting ready to light this thing off

  2. 1200 environmental activists?
    Like the “environmentalist” that sat by me on the plane from Dallas to Portland on December 12, 2015 (exactly 2 weeks before this situation began).
    This “environmentalist” who specifically brought up the Mahleur National Wildlife Refuge in an exaggerated manner during the early part of our conversation.
    A professed bird researcher who appeared to know little or nothing about any birds? Who looked perplexed when I said bird watchers have “good glass” (binoculars). He never named one type of bird.
    Also a former middle school science teacher?
    Seriously, every bird watcher I’ve ever known have expensive high power binocs. Usually Zeiss or Swarovski. At the minimum, top of the line Nikons.
    This 30ish guy with short hair couldn’t name his rarest bird sighting and didn’t keep a record of his sightings (because he had a good memory).
    He claimed to have done his graduate studies at the Mahleur NW Refuge, known for migrating birds, while at the University of Montana.
    But, he was just returning with a group from Cuba where they studied 6 or 16 species of birds only found in Cuba (Guantanamo?) that do NOT migrate.
    And he didn’t take any pictures of these birds. Not one.
    I’m betting he’s among these 1200 “environmental activists?
    Geez. The town has only a little more than 3000 residents.
    It sounds to me like a way to invade with a military style “army” of Feds, private operators or possibly UN/foreign troops. All under the guise of protecting the environment.
    What do you people here at FTTWR think?

    I wish I could get the word to Bundy that “somebody” knew about this at least 2 weeks in advance. Either he’s been co-opted or is being set up by infiltrators.
    If he and the others leave soon, the excuse for a tactical assault is gone.
    If he stays, it’s possible it could happen and I guarantee we’ll all lose out.
    Especially, in the 2nd amendment arena.

    Or maybe this report of a military/FBI build up and environmental protestors is BullShit. And Santilli is a shill or patsy passing on disinformation.

    1. The only way any of us could “lose out” on any subject is if we comply. I have no intention of complying with anything, ever. Laws are words and law enforcers only have sway with a gun. I have guns too. If they think going home in a pine box is worth enforcing “laws” then we’ll dance.

      1. Agreed, Samuel. We can lose our lives in a million different ways, not all of them violent, and eventually we WILL lose them. But we can’t lose our rights unless we give them up.

      2. That’s a pretty bold statement. I admire your firm beliefs.
        However, no matter what stance a person takes, lots of people, on both sides could lose out…with their lives.
        I’d much prefer to educate some in law enforcement and military to raise pressure from within the organizations to deter them from allowing these tactics to be used for political agendas.
        Then these set ups or false flags will not further a purely tyrannical political agenda to squash the second amendment.
        I am not naive, however. I realize that may be an unlikely outcome. To me, it’s worth a try.

        1. I don’t see the value in preserving the current system. Burn it to the ground with the whores who support it trapped inside. A life of servitude is not a life worth preserving. If I have to grind mine away against tyrants for the slim possibility of liberty then so be it. There is no point in trying to educate those who are wilfully immoral. Morality is not a learned behavior it is a natural instinct for survival in a social construct. If these pigs do not posess this instinct then let the natural selection be thier undoing.

    2. Good on you for your observations and assessment of the bird watcher. The guy was obviously an infiltrator with a bullshit legend. In the past, I’ve had Pennsylvania State Police, ATF and FBI undercover agents try to blow smoke up my rectal orifice. All were poorly trained on their “legends” , and blew their cover within minutes. Sounds the same with your bird watcher. I had a rule; if you think something stinks, then it does.

      1. Thanks for the support with your response.
        It’s good to know this activity has been observed by others.
        I really appreciate your acknowledgement.

  3. Perhaps this is a Jade Helm style psyop. It’s obvious that Santilli is a shill. So he floats some “inside information” and the feds monitor whom sends it out and where it goes. Thus gaining an upper hand in the “human domain”. Just a thought…..

  4. “They have brought in surgical teams. They have asked for blood.”

    Why bother?

    Dead people don’t need surgery OR blood.

    1. Surgical teams. Area medical personnel called in? By whom? Who is footing the bill for area medical personnel to sit on their asses awaiting who knows what?
      Who’s paying them?
      The FBI has their own surgical team? Bullshit.
      What are they doing?
      Sitting around watching porn on their smartphones and tablets?
      Why the helicopter? OK. Medevac. Then why the surgical teams?
      Needing their “blood plasma”. What a f**king joke.
      Just fly’em to Medford or Eugene and bypass the FBI “surgical team”.
      “I smell varmint poontang.”

  5. If the feds attack the patriots you can be assured the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION has begun. They cannot handle 360 million pissed offed Americans armed to the teeth.
    You CANNOT DISARM 360 MILLION AMERICANS that are ARMED TO THE TEETH .That is impossible and i do not think anyone would even try that.
    The feds are trying to bluff the patriots out. The Baby Boomers will be all over their ass instantly if they hurt any of the patriots. I saw where the Oath Keepers warned the feds–NO MORE FREE WACO”s. Think First.

    1. 360 million is very optimistic. May get 30 thousand if we are lucky to start. At the height you will be lucky to see 3 million with collaborators. But that is more than enough. It will greatly out number the traitors who are left following orders from the fuhrer.

  6. It’s insane, but it’s the FBI. I do not necessarily agree with the overtake of the refuge as being a “good idea”, but they are “making some noise”. Of course, MSM coverage, if any will be skewed. That’s the big problem.

    Jew controlled media needs to be excised from the papers and audio and visual media or we’ll always be fighting a losing battle. It’s a sad state of affairs but that’s where we’re at. Change this, outlaw that, permit this, whatever, these son’s of bitchin’ joo bastards need to be taken out of the equation.

    Oh, yes, I hate to play the “joo card” but I a call a spade a spade.

    I recant, I don’t mind one bit calling a joo boy out for what he is.

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