FBI Quietly Releases 284-page Report on Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Father Exposing Her Brother as a Repeat Child Rapist WHILE THE MEDIA WAS BUSY COVERING THE US CAPITOL PROTEST Wednesday Night! (Nancy Pelosi’s Name is Redacted From All Crimes)

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Late Wednesday night, the FBI declassified hundreds of documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father and former mayor of Baltimore Thomas D’ Alesandro Jr., who had known mob connections and later paved the way for his corrupt relatives to ascend to office, namely his daughter and son.

Wondering why this didn’t get much news coverage? The FBI released the 284-page report while the media was busy hyperventilating about the purported insurrection at the US Capitol Wednesday night.

The FBI is thus proven to be openly colluding with the media to further the Democrats’ goal of a total political takeover of the country.

On page 42 and 43, the FBI details that Nancy Pelosi’s brother, Franklin, viciously gangraped an 11-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl with 14 other men. Franklin Alesandro was the only one that was acquitted of all charges of the whole group, because his father had government and mob connections as the corrupt and incompetent mayor of Baltimore.

But they had to go even further.

They redacted Nancy Pelosi’s name from all the crimes that were reported in the document.

Significant portions of the report are completely whited out — even the part of the family tree where daughter Nancy Pelosi should be. (Note: Pelosi’s mother was nicknamed Nancy and appears under “Wife” in the following photo.)

What could they possibly be hiding? The Pelosi crime family runs deep.

Read the full newly released report for yourself here.

Red Pilled

17 thoughts on “FBI Quietly Releases 284-page Report on Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Father Exposing Her Brother as a Repeat Child Rapist WHILE THE MEDIA WAS BUSY COVERING THE US CAPITOL PROTEST Wednesday Night! (Nancy Pelosi’s Name is Redacted From All Crimes)

  1. USA should reform the election mechanism to protect the democracy from the erode of bigwigs, tyrants and their dependent media.

    1. Listen up, Mr. Yuan, this is not a self destruct democracy, this is a republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. These are natural rights and they are also written ratified absolute laws that via the 9th Article thereof, cannot be altered.
      Bigwigs, tyrants and their dependent media are nothing more than international mafia, a part of the United States Corporation and the 14th Amendment, both of which are acts of treason designed to create the illusion of an authority that can violate the 9th Article of the absolute ratified law of December 15, 1791, which by that very Article can never be changed by the people’s jurisdictional inferiors, those who have captured the offices of our fiduciary.
      This is not a f-king democracy, you ignorant son of a bitch.
      The Bill of Rights is the Republic and that written ratified law is going to be enforced.

      1. Unfortunately, At this point it doesn’t look like a Republic either. After a fraudulent election, we could have went with Banana Republic but the illegitimate Imbecile imposter’s record number of emergency orders it looks like a dictatorship. Praying the military has the evidence and takes the country back.

        1. The goddamn military isn’t going to do shit.
          Trump and QAnon are just another gobbledygook of fraud.
          And while you are praying you could be out there taking the son of a bitch back yourself, as is your absolute right and duty to do so in enforcing the people’s jurisdictional authority by the ratified absolute law that is our freedom and liberty.

    2. You mean the Corporation reform the election mechanism? Why, when it’s working so well for them. Look up 1871.
      What we are dealing with is not just about counting the votes correctly.

    1. Thanks, Mary.
      He has another video called
      “Trust The Plan”
      Besides the mention of Phallix Jones it’s worth hearing.
      I can’t post here with this POS radio transceiver tracking device. 😉

  2. Oh it’s those damn Democrats…. The media isn’t covering it…. Can we stop with this? They are all in on it together. There are no political parties. There’s just the elite, and then the rest of us. Why the hell would the media cover it, they are part of the elite.. This should not surprise anyone.

    I’m glad her families crimes are being exposed though, even if they are trying to redact her from them. Let them white her out on there, whatever. We have plenty of evidence against her already as it is. It shouldn’t take long to send that wretched old crone and her family to the gallows.

  3. Nancy is a TRAITOR to the USA
    She is someone I would never have as a friend, because she is a person that cares bout herself and no one else, she does not want to make a mark in history other than ruining our country for her gain how sad for a deranged individual running ourcountry

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