“F*ck All You Libtards” PA Police Chief, Mark Kessler, Causes Quite a Stir, Apologizes with Automatic Weapons

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Gilberton, PA Police Chief, Mark Kessler, has caused quite a stir.  Apparently, he upset some folks with profanity.  He had a, shall we say, interesting way of apologizing…

Even the Huffpo got interested…

But Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon noted that Kessler’s actions came during his “free time,” and said it would be “terribly inappropriate to comment.”

“As you may already know, the Borough of Gilberton supports the U.S.Constitution, as well as the Pennsylvania Constitution, and therefore has made no law which would impede its employees’ First Amendment rights,” she said in a press release. “Anyone asking the borough to take action against the chief, when he has committed no illegal act, no violation of policy and no misuse of borough time, is asking that we establish an official political view of the borough and impose it upon one or more of our employees, which would obviously be unconstitutional. Each member of council, each employee and each citizen is not only entitled to their own political opinions but also the right to express them. We will not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

And in that statement, the Mayor of a tiny PA town displayed more common sense and logical thinking than in all of Washington DC.


21 thoughts on ““F*ck All You Libtards” PA Police Chief, Mark Kessler, Causes Quite a Stir, Apologizes with Automatic Weapons

  1. Why the hell do we have to “apologize” every time we exercise any of our Rights? The persons that appear to be offended the most are those same ones that want to crush what little Freedoms we have left. Step on THEIR Rights & see how fast a SWAT team or court orders get shoved up one’s azz or how fast they declare their 5th Amendment Rights when confronted with their crimes.

    I’m inclined to agree; F^ck all the libtards & Zioturds.

    1. So do I agree as well!
      My question, anytime a nancy pandy tolerance asking Trotskyist turd is offended by my comments, I tell him “you made my day!” F**CK YOU! There’s no RIGHT as the RIGHT not to be offended!
      So go & get sodomized by your idol Leonid Bronstein followers!

    1. He dosen`t care Mark because he most likely stole that ammo and also the guns he is showing off with from some unlucky guy they busted with a few joints.

    2. I agree with ya there, Bent. What a waste of ammo. But also agree with Digs. He probably stole it off of everyone else, so it doesn’t matter.

      1. Yes NC, but it does matter to the ones that he most likely stole it off from though if ya know what I`m sayin`. these kind of pigs are not funny and they are some of the sneakiest and scariest MF`ers around!

  2. So just what the F is this GD cop/pig/police cheif trying to prove doing this because he is still going to go to work in the morning to bust people for doing the same thing he is doing in this video. If he is so damned good then has he ever went after all the crooked chest thumpin` knuckle draggin` co-worker cop buddies of his. I can guarentee that if I had a auto gun like he is showin` off with on this video that he would come on over with his cop buddy co-workers and kick the crap out of me and then haul me off to jail if they didn`t kill me first. Guarentee that.

  3. What’s in his heart and his intent? There is a big difference between policing and protecting and serving. He seems angry and frustrated.

    . . .

    1. Yes Cathleen, I agree with ya, but when someone like this gets angry and frustrated he has no business being a cop or what ever in a position of control because they will always take out the anger and frustrations on the powerless or the unprotected every time. He should be scrubbing toilets at a Mc Donalds or something if he is angry and frustrated and see or remember how it feels. He is a typical cop/pig ya know just a simple minded control freak that likes to give orders but canniot take orders and that can never accept that he is wrong.

  4. I agree with f#@k the libtards, however if this guy is throwing people in a cage for weed, f#@k him too.

  5. want to see that tough guy cry? the guy that wants everyone to man up? take away his multi million dollar pension. or just cut it from 100,000 a year to 80,000

  6. Call Chief Kessler’s cell phone number 570-205-0585
    and the mayor here and let her know what you think:
    Gilberton Borough Office–(570) 874-4790

  7. Never heard of the guy … personally, other than what was posted here, so just going by my observation. I’ll look him up. Thanks.

    . . .

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