Fearing Americans are tiring of the war on terror, DHS creates a “new breed of terrorism”


According to Courthouse News (CN) article, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson warned law enforcement of a new breed of terrorism that sees people “self-radicalize.”

“As I have said many times, we are in a new phase of the global terrorist threat, requiring a whole new type of response,” Johnson said. “We have moved from a world of terrorist-directed attacks to a world that includes the threat of terrorist-inspired attacks.”

DHS propaganda is so unbelievable, they even have a guide book called “Terminology To Define Terrorists” which instructs them on how to use appropriate terminology when describing the latest terrorist threat.

DHS wants police to detect terrorists in America.

Given the current threat environment, it is the cop on the beat that may be the first to detect the next terrorist attack in the United States,” Johnson said, quoting his speech at a New York City police graduation in December.

According to the CN article, DHS wants communities to report suspicious people to the police.

The frontline of the fight against self-radicalized terror threats is not just tactical, Johnson said, noting that it also involves building law-enforcement relationships in communities, especially among Muslims.

“Well-informed families and communities are the best defense against terrorist ideologies,” Johnson said.

To that end, DHS has created an Office of Community Partnerships to encourage communities nationwide to spy for them!

“In this new Office, we will consolidate and reassign key personnel who are dedicated to countering violent extremism, but who are presently working in various different components of this Department. Longer term, we intend to call upon DHS personnel in field offices across the country to take part in our efforts at building community partnerships, under the coordination of this Office. The Office will coordinate its efforts with other departments and agencies in the federal government, and with similar efforts at the state and local government level.”

DHS wants to spread their brand of fear (job security) to youth forums, town hall meetings by using their very own “Community Engagement Roundtables.”

“Finally, DHS’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) has been integral in our efforts at engaging communities, and they will continue to be. Civil rights and civil liberties are invariably part of the discussion when this Department engages communities. CRCL will therefore participate with the Office for Community Partnerships when we engage communities. More specifically, as we enter this new phase of our efforts, CRCL will, in consultation with the Office for Community Partnerships, continue to lead, improve and expand this Department’s community engagements, including Community Engagement Roundtables, Town Hall Meetings, and Youth Forums across the country.”

DHS’s ‘Community Engagement Roundtables’ are law enforcements propaganda machine.

“These events range from public town halls on current incidents or issues to focused meetings and listening sessions with targeted stakeholders to include religious leaders, recent immigrants, law enforcement, local government, disability groups, etc. As a result of these consultations, we have received valuable input on DHS policy and also developed products to facilitate communication with diverse communities; including a guide on appropriate terminology to use when describing the terrorist threat.”

Politicians want the Feds to spy on social media:

The U.S. Immigration Dept. is spying on our social media.

The Immigration department reviews social media accounts of higher-risk refugees, though the long-term goal is to search the accounts of everyone seeking refugee status, according to Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Keeping the fear alive, committee chairman Michael McCaul wants every person applying for a U.S. visa to go through social media screening (surveillance).

The American Police State is so paranoid they even suspect innocent people.

“Rep. Lamar Smith asked how the DHS would handle refugees who have a clean slate, meaning there is no information on them from intelligence agencies — though this does not necessarily indicate innocence, he said.”

DHS wants people who have not committed a “serious crime to come out of the shadows” and report themselves to law enforcement!

“Johnson went on to say President Barack Obama and the department are encouraging people who have lived in the country, are parents of U.S. citizens, and have not committed a serious crime to “come out of the shadows” and ask for deferred action on their immigration status.”

With each passing day, law enforcement is becoming more and more like the Gestapo and the NKVD.


16 thoughts on “Fearing Americans are tiring of the war on terror, DHS creates a “new breed of terrorism”

  1. DHS,FBI,CIA,EPA,BLM, no matter how you spell it, still = terrorism 101.
    The American Government are the TERRORIST’S.
    It’s that simple.

  2. Hopefully you realize that this has nothing to do with terrorists, Muslims, or Mexicans, and instead of tracking their publicized targets, what they’ll really be looking for are American Patriots.

    American Patriots are their ONLY concern, and their ONLY enemy, because we’re what’s standing in the way of their global dominance. All the other named entities are only a smoke screen to justify more surveillance, and more American doors being broken down by government thugs.

    The “new breed of terrorism” is anyone who opposes communist rule of this country. The Muslims and Mexicans will support communism, because they benefit from it. We pay for it, and suffer for it.

  3. Yup, I’m “self-radicalized” because I have my own opinion and a brain. “Non-conformity is terrorism!” Well, bunch me in that group of “self-radicalized”, it’s a badge of honor.

  4. If anything is going to radicalize Americans in significant numbers, it will be the control freaks in government who simply refuse to leave us alone and insist on trying to turn the “Land of the Free” into a prison. I suspect that eventually they’re going to have a “prison riot” on their hands.

    Human beings cannot live in a condition of constant fear and/or subjugation. It’s not a natural state of existence for us — at least not for all of us. When forced to live in an environment of constant surveillance, as well as the ever-present threat of arrest and/or unaccountable police violence, some people are going to snap. This has already happened to a few people (e.g., Eric Frein). We might eventually see thousands or even millions go that route if large numbers of people come to conclude that they have nothing left to lose.

  5. Jeh Johnson is an opportunist. He is also completely incapable of an original thought. He gets his talking points from others in the administration, who wish to demonize patriots, but take a hands-off attitude toward the Muslim invasion. He can feel free to go bugger himself, or Obama.

  6. “To that end, DHS has created an Office of Community Partnerships to encourage communities nationwide to spy for them!”

    It worked for the Bolsheviks.

    We’re going to have to kill a whole lot of stupid people (see something, say something) before this is over.

  7. “DHS wants people who have not committed a “serious crime to come out of the shadows” and report themselves to law enforcement!”

    Im going to go down and do this right now.

    Who the F comes up with this crap?
    I can sleep good tonight for I have now heard the most retarded statement of the month.

  8. I slap myself across the forehead after seeing that absolutely pathetic chart they have listed on the top right of the article.


    They just can’t help themselves. They gotta have an enemy and they gotta continue to have a “War is Peace” rhetoric after one rhetoric is dies out.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  9. So Veterans (our own military soldiers who fought for the corporations overseas under the guise of fighting for our country as cannon fodder) are now at the top of the list as terrorists.

    Great way to show your appreciation for their service to you, you Satanic pieces of shit! And you wonder why no one wants to join the military. DUH!

  10. “DHS wants people who have not committed a “serious crime to come out of the shadows” and report themselves to law enforcement!”

    Hello, my name is NC and I’m an alcoholic.

    Does that work, DHS?

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