Fed Up Oregonians Blast Senator Merkley At Town Halls

Published on Jan 3, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

This small business owner, who has 12 employees, has had to cancel insurance their plans, thanks to a massive increase in cost. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley brushes him off, tries to pass Obamacare off as being amazing, and basically belittles the guy and tells him to sign his employees up for Cover Oregon, which still doesn’t function. Notice the part where he says that some small businesses have reported only small increases in insurance costs, where others have reported large increases. Apparently none of them have cheaper insurance now!

“If you like your plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley attempts to defend the most egregious lie from the Obama administration and his lackeys in the Senate and House, as a fed up constituent hits him with the tough questions at a town hall.

After only answering a few questions from a room full of concerned Oregonians, Senator Jeff Merkley blathers on and is called out from folks in the crowd. Immediately after the event, one of the fed up citizens chats about Merkley’s disastrous record with Jeff Mapes from the Oregonian, one of Oregon’s largest newspapers.

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5 thoughts on “Fed Up Oregonians Blast Senator Merkley At Town Halls

  1. …funny how when you try to watch these videos…they seem to “crash” … now… ..isn’t that convenient..eh?

    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  2. Why does that guy look like bush jnior to me. … Yea that pos senator is just trying to look important by writing something down on his tablet. Yea trying to look important that f`er. Yep, he reminds me of gw junior that pos.

  3. Senator, you know you were lying your ass off and after literally 3 minutes in a 6 minute video clip (see first video clip), you immediately wanted to run out of there faster than McCain at an Arizona Town Hall meeting.

    If I had your public speaking skills when I was in school, I would have got an “F” or thrown out of the classroom for wasting the teacher’s time, along with a note to mommy telling me to get my act together. You are a sad excuse for a senator and a sad excuse for an American National representing our country.

    All you wanted to do is say, “Keep going with it. It will get better. Trust me.” rather than address the specific problems and questions at hand or representing the people.

    You at no point discussed the details of Obamacare and rehashed the same, “Well it’s going to be good for some, but maybe bad for others” crap. Hmm…gee…I’m no rocket scientist, but if that’s the case, isn’t it your duty to scrap the damn thing altogether then until it works for everyone involved? If not, then your ass should be fired for sedition and hung for treason. I thought you guys were all about “Common sense” legislation? Where’s the “Common Sense”?

    Oh! That’s right. Silly me. You mean, “Communist sense”. My bad. I’m not thinking like a good Communist again. Damn!

    By the way, do you even know what the hell is in the bill or are you just rehashing what your corporate sponsors tell you to rehash? I think the latter.

  4. Ok, I’ve just watched all of these videos and I have to say to the senator, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH? BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL DON’T. IT’S ALL MUMBLED JIBBERISH!”.

    Arrest him and hang him for high treason!

    If he won’t stop Obamacare and continues to go along with it, then he is an accomplice and an accessory to this treasonous crime against the Constitution and may God have mercy on his soul.

    He talks about what the insurance companies say. WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES SAY!!! They have NO say!!!!!

    Our Constitution does not say, “We the Insurance Companies”. It says, ” WE THE PEOPLE”!!! WE THE PEOPLE have the say and final decision NOT THEM!

    Senator, you’re fired and under arrest for treason and conspiracy against the American people!

  5. In regards to the third video, I just want to smack everyone of those F**Ks across the head who started “Sshushing” them. What the F**K is wrong with them? Don’t they want to have their voices heard? They sit there like a bunch of church followers at a 501c3 church. “Be quiet while the minister speaks.” All of them up front look like they were paid to be there to help the senator out. Delphi technique.

    Notice how the minute you start asking questions or challenging him, he plays the “let’s discuss this in a “civil order” manner” card. What a F**KING COWARD! That’s their excuse for everything.

    It’s become like a race card for politicians. “When he questioned me, he wasn’t being civil or orderly about it. He must be one of them disorderlies. WAHHHH!!! Help me! Help me, Big Brother! WAHHHH!!!!”.

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