Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt

1The Palookaville Post – by Jimmy Olsentwins

(PP)- As an ex-Los Angeles police officer killed three people and went on a deadly shooting rampage in a vendetta to punish those he attributed for his firing, California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer pleaded for calm, and asked both law enforcement and civilians to lay down their weapons.

An intense manhunt  for Christopher Dorner that aroused fear across several states and Mexico focused late Thursday on Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, where police found a burned-out pickup truck that belonged to the ex-military and former police officer Dorner.

Throughout the day, Senators Feinstein and Boxer made desperate pleas for their California constituents to turn in their guns and not confront the crazed gunman because this would be a perfect test of their anti-gun proposals.

“The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt,” said a Senate communications intern. “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

2“I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to Los Angeles Police Department officers, on or off duty,” said Dorner in his angry manifesto published online. The rant also claimed that: “Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. That’s what this is about, my name. A man is nothing without his name.”

Other California lawmakers chimed in on the Senators’ anti-gun stance with Los Angeles’ Democrat Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa saying disarmament was a good idea, except for public officials. Republicans thought the idea was just crazy.

“Feinstein and Boxer want everybody to go unarmed as a madman is running a round shooting people,” said a Riverside, CA. alderman. “If that is the truth… I’m never going to San Francisco again… something must be in the water to make them that insane.”

3Dorner, 33, had multiple weapons including a frivolously banned assault rifle, said Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck, who urged the suspect to surrender at an unusual press conference in an underground high security room where police were shaking in their boots.

“Of course he knows what he’s doing, we trained him. He was also a member of the Armed Forces,” he said. “It is extremely worrisome and scary.”

The Palookaville Post has learned that nearly 10,000-members of the LAPD were dispatched to protect more than 108 potential targets across the region on Thursday. The department also said that the federal government was in fact more dangerous than the lone suspect because their ideas of weapon confiscation can hurt millions of Americans over several generations.

Putting down their weapons is simply not an option for all legal gun owners. It is their Constitutional right and moral responsibility to protect their loved ones…. it should be obvious.

Ace Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsentwins


33 thoughts on “Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt

    1. Feinstein and that Boxer must be on something – Ya think it might be on some of those halucinetic mushrooms that grow out there, haha. They are not thinking right at all.

  1. If his actions are “extremely worrisome and scary”, why am I not worried or scared?

    Is there any way to send money to Christopher Dorner to make sure he has plenty of ammo?

        1. Ya know Jolly Roger, I was thinking that Dorner was being well taken care of by the likes of the Feinstein, Boxer, Arnold S. types drinking their champaign doing their cavier appetizers etc. toasting each other about the big snow job that they just pulled off.

  2. Did she really say that turning in everyone’s guns in California will solve this problem? No really?

    Police and sheople? Turn their guns in? Is she having a nervous breakdown?

    I think they should ask her to step down and leave public office…before she comes up with another hair brain idea.

    So why didn’t she suggest that doctors and patients stop taking SSRIs, so Christopher, will see it is hopeless. and he too will stop taking SSRIs?

    How did she ever stay a senator this long?

    With SSRIs, you either kill other people, or kill yourself….and with soldiers killing themselves every hour…I would say SSRIs are the problem, Moron Senator Diane “who loves Israel more then the united States” FEINSTEIN.

    You know the title “moron” should be used instead of senator….

    1. She needs to be booted from public office immediately along with Boxer, Californians are being made the laughing stock of the USA with these two I LOVE LUCY senators on CRACK ! What a JOKE.

  3. “The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons”

    has Feinstein ever said anything else?

  4. It’s no secret that there’s something in the water.On the upside its fortunate that we have a well-armed citizenry capable of defending themselves while 10,000 officers are pre-occupied defending 100 targets.I wonder if the honorable ms. Feinstein has given up personal security for the public good until this unfortunate matter is settled?And what if,God forbid,another madman breaks loose in the interim?Should we limit ourselves to a paltry 5,000 to defend 200 targets or hire 10,000 more?

  5. These “people” (vermin if you will) make me wanna hurl. She’s so afraid of these guns but the most dangerous thing in the world is an effed up nuclear power plant…Senator Boxer said: “Today, the NRC confirmed that an expansive investigation is underway into the completeness and accuracy of information that Southern California Edison provided to the NRC related to the replacement of the steam generators. The NRC has also confirmed that it is reviewing the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Report to determine whether Southern California Edison fully complied with its legal obligations. This investigation is a critical factor in determining whether it is safe to restart the San Onofre reactor’s Units 2 and 3.”
    The NRC has a vested interest to keep these plants alive just as Boxer has an interest to keep her job alive. The government investigating itself…where have I heard that before?

  6. Why can’t some like DiFi who made hundreds of millions on insider trading just take her wealth and go away? How much is enough? Is this evil old hag never going to get out of our faces? It’s almost like this thing, this creature, wants to be imprisoned for theft and isn’t going to stop until it happens.

  7. Turn in the guns for fear of Dorner? No way, Jose!! Dorner’s pissed at police, why would the average Joe need to fear him? The People need those weapons to protect themselves from a police force that’s having their asses handed to them and having a nervous break-down, shooting anything that looks like a human, not knowing how to handle the situation. If Dorner knocked on my door seeking help, I’d help him best I could. FTP

  8. Isn’t it ironic that this former LAPD cop is running around California killing other cops who betrayed him while Diane Feinstein and her bunch are asking California citizens to lay down their weapons?
    She should be deputizing them and asking for their assistance as a militia for any emergency such as the one they have ‘manufactured’. IDIOTS

  9. Proof that most of our elected officials are mentally incompetent and or intent of installing a communist-marxist dictatorship form of government.

  10. Human nature huh?
    Ok then, Feinstein…using your example..why don’t you make all political figures, police, and military put down theirs?…Stop the ‘wars’…This is a ‘perfect test’ for YOU.
    The citizens would have no choice, by human nature, but to lay down theirs. Right?

    1) Gun-Control means..using both hands. Period. (effectively and responsibly of course)
    2) The guns weren’t bought so that they could be turned-in.
    3) I will protect the very life of my family, and others, by any means I deem necessary. The most effective of which at this point in time, is a firearm…single-shot .22 to a BMG .50, to a belt-fed .40 minigun.

    You will NOT take my most effective means of protecting my very life, and the lives of my loved ones, as well as others! It’s just not going to happen.

    Let’s go a step further…..shall we? How about doing THIS Ms. Feinstein….
    Secede from, snitch on, jail, and give less authority to the real PTB, and MAYbe we can talk.
    Until then…I see your lips moving, but all I can hear is “Blah blah blah I’m a bitch!”. That goes for every corrupt, brainwashed, and sleeping human being out there.

    To all corrupt politicians, puppets, brainwashed and the like:
    You’re going to have to make it good though, you know…when you turn them in. People are fed the hell up, and aren’t going to go for any more tricks and slight-of-hand BS. We’ve laid peacefully low, and you have brainwashed your fair share to your agenda… and we’ve let all the BS go..until now.
    YOU failed YOUR ‘perfect test’ to redeem yourselves and make things right. Time for the grade. F-.
    We gave you all the time in the world to do something. Even let you take the ‘test’ over and over again to get the grade up…still..you FAILED.
    We’ve laid low long enough. While we did, you up’d the violence and corruption. Now every human in this country, and frankly, around the world, are fighting for their very lives..or soon will be.
    Glad you want it that way…Ms. Feinstein and Co.
    You are a fukn LIAR Ms. Feinstein and Co..
    Get rid of tptb, and lay YOUR arms down. We shall talk afterwards.
    I think all the firearms that have been bought recently speaks for itself….WE KNOW!
    Tell all your freinds, Ms. Feinstein and Co. . Oh wait….they already know too…don’t they? (2 Billion rounds)

    Yuk Foo Ms. Feinstein and Co. .

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  11. She has to be the biggest idiot on this planet, And by the way , good luck disarming Americans, We will rise up and clean house before we do that……..

      1. We’re gonna need a lot of Hemp!

        She almost had me convinced to drive from AZ to Cali and turns guns in!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. pa·loo·ka 1. Sports. An incompetent or easily defeated athlete, especially a prizefighter. 2. Slang. A stupid or clumsy person. [Origin unknown.]

    Consider the article’s source and author. Jimmy Olsen is a reporter in Superman.
    Your criticisms are largely correct but not on the basis of this article.
    Lots of crazy unbelievable, but true, things are going on but do not be fooled.

  13. Hey Diane baby, the only ones who have to fear this 1 man is the cops!
    I’m keeping my weapons because I fear the cops more than him!

    1. Funny, how he is praising Feinstein and Boxer for their gun control measures in his last manifesto and NOW they ask everyone to LAY DOWN THEIR WEAPONS toward him after he has murdered three people ???

      What is REALLY going on here ?

  14. Ok….
    Just, like…
    NO Way!!!!
    Which of you smoked a blunt and made this stuff up? The quotes attributed to those women and their office stooges just CAN’T be REAL, can they?!?! I mean they really cannot be THAT FAR from reality, right? I mean, if the thought-patterns of these people can really go there, they have NO BUSINESS being in charge of a fricken’ SPONGE, let ALONE the greatest nation on earth!!!
    (Please, tell me this is someone’s idea of a bad joke / , OK?)


    Sorry, guys, but this one is pure satire.

    I’ll admit that I fell for it too, at first, but after re-reading it, and following the link to the source, I figured it out.

    My only question is, did Henry figure it out as well, and is he laughing as hard as I am? 🙂

    1. I checked it out when it first came up and saw that there was no indication that such an event actually occurred, but then figured this was something they might be thinking even if they wouldn’t say it. And if you think about it, though not in this context, Feinstein did put forth the assertion that we should get ready to turn our guns in. This coupled with the legislation unleashed last week in California led me to conclude that the satire was quite appropriate. I mean, could we really put anything past these people?

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