Cop Punches Victim (US Soldier) for Complaining It Took Them 45 Minutes to Respond to His Call

Published on Feb 1, 2013 by LeakSourceNews


The ABC7 News I-Team has uncovered a new complaint of excessive force against Vallejo police — the incident, caught on camera. The department is already reeling after a violent year, including six people shot and killed by officers.

The more I dig, the more questions I have. This story began when a package arrived in the mail from someone inside the department. It was a DVD, a police report, and a letter complaining about a “cowboy attitude” by officers and command staff.


17 thoughts on “Cop Punches Victim (US Soldier) for Complaining It Took Them 45 Minutes to Respond to His Call

  1. “…being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  2. These piglet punks forget who they work for…. or to put that more accurately; they’re obviously not working for the citizenry.

    They’re an occupying force here to destroy all civil liberties and beat the population into submission, and they’ll need to be dealt with accordingly.

  3. Organized crime is now in uniform. They have long said that they are the biggest “gang” in the world. Time we believe them.

    To “serve and protect” used to mean that the citizenry was the prime concern, but now it means to serve and protect the political and corporate agendas.

    Fascism is alive and well.

  4. It’s is called bradycardia, you stupid pig. Blood pressure drops when you depress the circulatory system and you can lose consciousness or die. Professional thugs.

  5. It appears to me that US Police have received permission in some form or other to ramp up the violence, knowing that their arses are being covered from high up.

  6. That cop was out of line; he was confrontational from the get go. Who the hell does he think he is. That cop would never had done that in the presence of a judge, a lawyer or the press. He needs to find another line of work because he neither serves nor protects anymore; and he is a timebomb waiting to go off. He needs a psych eval NOW! I give him a year before he actually irrepairably harms someone innocent “by mistake”, if he hasn’t already. As that victim’s lawyer, I would demand a desk job while being investigated for assault; and I would go through that officer’s personnel file and past arrest records with a fine tooth comb. What a jerk!

  7. The guy was a goose and deserved to be put back in his place, but that does not mean being assaulted and squashed like that. More professional officers would have told him to calm down and lets look at the problem.
    I know he was nervous but the ciggie didn’t help him. Marine- reservist? Both idiots, but if he punched the officer he’d be in jail, so the cop shouldn’t think he can do that

  8. Is it true that good things come to those who wait?Dumb statement because wait for what?Now is what is and all there is.Everything else is past or future.Therefore the question is what are you gonnna’ do now?You can store food now for the future so when the future arrives you have it now.By the same token you can store tyranny for the future because you sew it now.Time to weed the garden now.

  9. Typical cops. Arrogant d#@ks with a badge.They are not all like this .But it seems to be that asshole is prerequisite for the job.Only assholes need apply. The badge makes them all knowing and more intelligent, that’s what they think.

  10. The intelligence of this incident is not surprising at all. The attitude of this cop destined him for higher positions. Totally out of touch with what this man has been through, there are a lot of other ways this male cop could’ve handled this. .
    Even the way he talks to him is insulting, and embarrassing for all cops everywhere. Sad commentary on how to treat others. This cop will begin his training for promotion soon as this blows over, I bet.

  11. If this is true, and he did this to me, he’d have to have half of the police force to stop me from pouncing his ass and if I were a military soldier and he did that to me, I would call all my buddies and make sure he’s gone missing. Who the hell does this shithead think he is. WHO does he work for? WE THE PEOPLE!!!

    Punching someone to maintain control of the situation in which I have to ask, “Was it even out of control in the first place?”. All I saw were two people having an argument and that gives them the justification to punch a VICTIM in the face. Yea completely justifiable. Just as justifiable as a Round Rock cop tasering me after I handed over my attacker and told dispatch who I was and who the attacker was and they still TASED ME and lied by saying that they never received the description from dispatch. BULL F**KING SHIT!!! Especially when I had 3 witnesses there calling 911 and reporting that they did give a description to dispatch. THREE!!!

    The officer says, “Are you calling him a liar? Are you calling me a liar?” when the victim tells him that dispatch said “F**k you and hung up” on him. Sounds just like my incident. GESTAPO police that must be eliminated. There’s no way that cop could be a former marine because a former marine would never do that. That cop deserves to be put behind bars for life and then some.

    It’s videos like this that PISS ME OFF and gets me in a heat of rage and I SWEAR if they ever did this to me, they would get just what they deserve.

    Until you’ve been in this situation, you have no idea what it’s like and the amount emotion that ignites in you every time you hear more of these stories. I could get more graphic in my language, but I’ll leave it at that.

  12. Marine? A true Marine dont engage unless engaged upon. Kept scratching the itch to rub in his manly attitude. No wonder people hate the cops, all it takes is one to give the good ones a bad name. Maybe this marine should be released in the woods to hunt down the one currently in hiding. My bet would be that this bully wont be the one returning.

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