FEMA 3 Nuke Drill, Congress Leaves DC En Masse On October 24th, 2013 – False Flag Alert

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Is  a false flag getting ready to occur on Thursday, October 24th as shared in this video from MaKaElectric? Our entire Congress will be flown to Florida BY THE DEFENSE DEPT. for the funeral of a former Congressman Rep. C.W. Bill Young, who died late last week. Conspiracy theory forums are going nuts about this, asking whether Obama will bring down the plane of the entire Congress and impose himself as dictator after said crash. Or maybe Congress is getting out of town because they know that SHTF in FEMA 3. There is a FEMA Emergency Drill at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear power plant as well this week. A second video below from Dahboo77 shares more. 


4 thoughts on “FEMA 3 Nuke Drill, Congress Leaves DC En Masse On October 24th, 2013 – False Flag Alert

  1. This is totally possible. The plane carrying congress gets shot down and everyone onboard dies. Only, those on the plane are not from congress.
    Congress and Obama have taken to the tunnels under D.C. that lead to Colorado, and a catastrophic event takes place, knocking out the D.C. area (and more). Obama now becomes “Dictator-in-Chief” and commands from Denver as event after event takes place above ground.
    Let’s face it, Obama is no longer able to lie to the public. Everything out of his mouth, and every “terrorist event” is proven to be nothing more than Hitler-style manipulation and lies. A President who cannot control the people through lies will control the people through extreme fear and death.
    The entire charade of our Politicians and the Shadow Government has been exposed, and they are, in their warped minds, left with only one solution: kill us all and start fresh.
    There is one way to know for sure about a false flag event on this day, and that is if we see Bloomberg and others “going” someplace away from the east coast.

    1. Agenda 21 lays a fairly clear plan for how their end game for us, NWO for them will play out.

      As to the reality and facilitation of such things…

  2. Uh.. can the entirety of congress even fit on one plane..? Also, I believe there are protocols to prevent that from occurring, even if it could be done.

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