Feminism: Unequal Opportunity Nagging

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Published on Oct 19, 2014 by Stefan Molyneux

“Feminism is literally defined as the idea that men and women are equal, and yet no facet of feminist media ever actually provides any logical backing to this claim. This does not mean it isn’t true, but they aren’t justifying it at all. It would be like having an atheist movement filled with people who didn’t give any reason for why there is no God. What are your thoughts on this criticism?”

8 thoughts on “Feminism: Unequal Opportunity Nagging

  1. This video is too long for the subject matter, but I think men allowed the feminist movement to go as far as it did in the hope that they would eventually shut up about it.

    The simple and obvious fact is that anyone who thinks men and women are equal is either an idiot, or has never met or seen a member of the opposite sex.

    The fact of the matter is that if women were equal, they wouldn’t have to fight for equality.

    “inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal” — Aristotle.

  2. Good comment JR and I agree except the part about men allowing the feminist movement to go on in hopes they will shut up about it. HAHA, now when does a women at times not shut up about something they want to push? I make this statement as a woman by the way because I will admit I am guilty of those transgressions myself. I do believe a woman should be allowed her voice and opinions but I agree with you that men and women are not equal.

    1. ‘Men and women are not equal’ is a misnomer.
      Men and women are different. No man is equal to a woman in the woman’s natural role as no woman is equal to a man in his natural role.
      Women are making bad decisions because they are taking on roles incompatible to their nature, just like men are making bad decisions for the same reason. This is why it is being pushed for men to become women and women to become men, as our enemies know that we do not function at our peak outside of our gender.

      1. Wow Henry, thanks for your comment. You make some really good points! I really like your comment about ‘no man is equal in a natural woman’s role and no woman is equal in a man’s natural role. I have heard about the push for men to become like women and women to become like men. Just NWO crap to upset the natural order that God intended for both sexes in the beginning.

        Thanks again Henry, it’s always good to hear another opinion on this issue. The NWO has been trying to destroy families for quite some time and causing gender confusion amongst men and women has been their goal for a long, long time.

  3. Feminism was another communist creation to get women out of the home and into the workplace to further erode the family unit.

  4. Feminism does not say that “men and women are equal.” That is patently false (and a straw-man argument). Feminism argues instead for equal _opportunity_ regardless of whether one is male or female. If you listen to the speaker, even he agrees with this point. Those of you who blithely declared that “of course men are not equal to women” did not listen to the rest of the video. (I admit it is long and tiresome, though.)

    Having said that, I also agree that a certain group (marxists) seemed to be happy to make women unhappy, leave the home, and have fewer or no children, and have any children they do have reared by daycare and then it is on to the state-run education propaganda mills.

    I am HORRIFIED that people put their little SIX-WEEK-OLD newborn into daycare. That’s all the time they get off work in America – if it was a vaginal birth. A c-section? Whoo-hoo, you get 2 extra weeks!

    His points about breastfeeding are well taken – working outside the home is the death-knell of breastfeeding, which is so crucial to the child’s health, growth, immune functioning, and contributes to the bond. It _is_ a staggering amount of work to be more or less chained to a baby for years due to breastfeeding, etc. But instead of giving up work, women have foolishly given up (or never tried) breastfeeding. That’s economically stupid as well (given the price of formula) but a terrible choice for the baby’s health.

    But women have traded properly rearing children and having a husband contribute economically to either having to do it all (work and children) or having the state for a “husband.” And the children are not being reared well. Women are the biggest sheep of all. This was the ultimate “divide and conquer” scenario – society has managed to turn women against men. But I don’t think that women really hate men, at least not young women I regularly come in contact with. They want to be with men, they want to start families, but NOW families appear to require two paychecks. The economy is in the toilet, and it’s not like women have a choice anymore.



    1. p.s. TPTB have known all about the impact of maternal deprivation. One of their own, John Bowlby, a well-meaning psychiatrist, who worked for years at London’s Tavistock Clinic (now the Tavistock Institute – yes where mind-control experiments were/are carried out), observed in his young clients and, for a World Health Organization report in 1951, documented the impact of maternal separation on young children during WWII. He wrote several books on ‘attachment theory’ and influenced legions of researchers.

      Those researchers conducted extensive (and longitudinal ) research showing what happens to children (up to age 30 now) when their relationship with their mothers have gone well or poorly, even if there was no actual separation. Mothers entering the workforce in mass meant lower quality care for children, and distorted mother-infant bonds. The consequences for society are what we experience today.

      I guess this was the ultimate “divide-and-conquer” scenario. Unfortunately, infants have no lobbyists, no lawyers, no support groups. Bowlby was calling the alarms on their behalf, but TPTB, instead of heeding his call, acted in ways to accelerate the separation/interference between mothers and children. Feminists rallied against him – or it was made to appear that feminists rallied against him.

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