3 thoughts on “Ferguson Killing – Real Death, or Staged Agitation Propaganda

  1. Someone local needs to identify what High School he supposedly attended by the ,patches on his vest and ask students if they knew him. No one is going to forget a student that big.

    They need to show photos as published by the press and ask students if they remember him from school. If students don’t remember him from school, its a hoax.

  2. Perhaps this may be a ludicrous question:

    Do we know for a fact that Mike Brown is really dead?

    After all the false flags over the last 5-years, how do we know that this isn’t just another staged event to incite racial conflicts?

    1. Well Inretrospect, someone layed there for 4 hours and didn’t move. Whether it was Mike Brown is another question as I’ve seen no video other than the video in which the body is blacked out. Yes, they can show beheadings but not dead meat on the street.

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