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Jews Responsible for Police Shooting in #Ferguson?

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Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  Saturday, August 9, an ethnic youth was shot in a confrontation with police.

“Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed Saturday by a police officer in Ferguson. The circumstances of the death are in dispute. Mr. Brown and a friend were walking home from a convenience store in the middle of the night when witnesses say they were stopped by an officer for walking in the middle of the street. They say that Mr. Brown’s hands were in the air when several shots were fired. The police say that Mr. Brown was shot during a fight over the officer’s gun.”   

A tragedy, and a classic one in the U.S. in confrontations between police and citizens in high crime areas. As some would say “it’s the crime of being a black man”.  Others would say “authorities in high crime areas frequently find themselves in immanent danger, and naturally respond quickly to protect their lives and the public – sometimes this results in tragedy, an unavoidable result of the job given the difficult conditions.”

But now some say…. IT’S THE JOOOOOS FAULT!  What in the world could the Jews or Judaism have to do with a confrontation between the police and an ethnic and poor community in Missouri????


Trita Parsi says… “Wondering why the excessive police violence (in Ferguson)? Here’s a guess: Ferguson police chief got training in Israel!”

Here’s his proof:


Because taking 1 week trip and hearing people talking about detecting suicide bombers leads to police violence in ethnic confrontation neighborhoods.

Now there are lots of wackos and trolls spouting all types of conspiracy theories all over the place.  BUT the re-tweets on this one are reaching in the thousands, meaning it’s being read by tens of thousands.  Not just somebody whispering his craziness in the wind.

So there you have it… blacks being mistreated by the police in Missouri are because of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.

Are they out to get us?  “Trita Parsi – Leads largest Iranian-American grassroots organization from Washington, DC”.  Why yes, yes they are.

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3 Responses to Jews Responsible for Police Shooting in #Ferguson?

  1. Millard says:

    The Police Chief was trained to treat people just like the Israelis treat the Palestinians. You wait people, this is just getting started insofar as use of excessive force law enforcement has been indoctrinated into. And yes, they have assassination teams and a fully equipped False Flag duffel bag and manual for psyops. Need a homemade bomb to stir up some shit, it’s in there. Need some crisis actors? Already rehearsed and at the ready. Fake blood, no problem! Many other handy social disrupters included in your False Flag Bag! Remember the backpacks at the Boston Bombing!

  2. Millard says:

    The Israeli Mossad is responsible for the militarization of our police. You see, to the Israelis, we Americans are goyum and should be treated just like the Palestinians in Gaza. They’ve had us by the balls since the enactment of the Federal Reserve. The International Banking Cartel is controlled by the Jews. This banking cartel must be dismantled and all the Jew Bankers hung like the dogs they are. Zionism must be wiped from the face of the earth along with anyone still practicing this devil worship.

  3. Big Dan says:

    This style of shill article is called “jumping out ahead of the curve”: saying the truth before anyone else does, but adding “conspiracy theory”, ridiculing those telling the truth (“Joooooooooos”), etc… This is a perfect example of a shill article, complete with ridicule of those telling the truth and use of the word “conspiracy theory”.

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