4 thoughts on “Field Dressing and Processing a Harvested Deer

  1. Bookmarking this…we have lots of deer out here and if the you know what hits the fan we’ll need to know how to process deer meat. Thanks!

  2. My 2 cents
    We found , getting the meat off the animal right away , and getting it cleaned and into a freezer
    Makes for the best experience when it comes time to cooking and eating it

    I no longer drag a deer anywhere
    Where it drops it gets its hide off
    And the meat I want
    I no longer even gut them, I’m not into organ meat , and that’s all that’s inside anyways
    I leave that for the other predators in the woods to feast from
    If the head and cape is worth saving ( trophy)
    Than I cut that off

    I back pack the meat out on my back
    I’m not getting any younger

  3. Best deer I ever ate was killed in August when the weather was pretty warm. My hunting partner who had killed the deer with a bow had read about a technique and we decided to try it. We dressed the deer.
    I like eating the heart right when I get home from a kill, cut it up and stir fry it in hot sauce and make sandwiches.
    Anyway, we washed the cavity out in a creek, cleaning it very well. We left the hide on, put it in a deer bag, tied a rope around its neck, and winched it up to a limb about twenty feet up in a big ponderosa pine and let it hang there for three days. When we brought it back down, I skinned it without a knife, just grabbed the hide and it peeled right off. It was the prettiest pink meat you ever saw, and tender beyond belief and it tasted excellent.
    Of course I have done it many ways, even if I just take the back straps, hams, and shoulders, I put the meat in pillow cases and hang them on the porch where it is cool for at least three or four days.
    But if I have my choice it is going up in that tree with the skin on it.

  4. Necessary skill that some folks gonna be wishing they had soon.
    Adding some black barley and garlic to bone broth right now. Throw some veg at it before canning.
    Rendered 35 quarts of semi questionable remains dropped off, for the dogs/feral cats, hell I’d eat it too if necessary.
    Also made cinnamon honey rolls on top of the wood stove out of Trader Joe’s buttermilk biscuit dough that was frozen 2 years past best by date. Not bad

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