16 thoughts on “I Told You So! by Conspiracy Music Guru

  1. Ha! Thanks, Hal. I was wondering if he’d get to the border invasion or the dual citizen infiltration, or… Well, he sure did cover a good chunk of the mess. Truth Rock.



  2. That was great!
    I did find myself singing along with the chorus, “Nah nah n’nah!”, rather loudly.
    Thanks Hal

    1. Well I told you so too, but this asshole negates all the truth with this mental retardation from the flat earth bullshit.
      I told you so and a whole lot more, but I can look up at the goddamn moon and know that that crescent is created by the sun shining around the orb I’m standing on.
      This is no different than the past. Once the truth can no longer be denied, have a shill come up and say ‘I told you so’ sprinkled with space aliens and lizard people to cast doubt on the obvious.
      The f-king earth is round, you goddamn moron, and to assume it is flat would have to mean that the moon is an ornament and that the light shown upon it does not come from the sun because it is not a straight line, it is a crescent.
      F-k this goddamn idiot shill mother f-ker.
      And remember I said it this day, hence I told you so.

      1. THANK YOU, HENRY! Honest to God I don’t know how or why ANYONE believes “flat Earth,” when it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE….because if the Earth was flat then the four corners would form from lines that are parallel, and as well should know, parallel lines NEVER meet, such that the “flat earth” could technically go on into infinity…and don’t flat earthers believe in some form of curvature? Now how “flat” is a curve?

      2. No offense intended. Figured the good far out weights the weird without knowing the guys background.
        Snapping it out wouldn’t offend me at all, brother.
        Don’t anyone go thinking I’m a flat Earthling now. (LAUGHING)
        I’m into the eight dimensional Chevron from the fifth plane…
        As long as time, compass, and coordinates work, and hell can be delivered to my enemy, I don’t care. Just another distraction.

        1. No offense taken. I know you know the earth is round and the song would have been okay had it not been for that and the fact he never told me shit that I didn’t already know, before he did. 🙂

      3. Ha! I missed the whole flat earth thing. I heard the word “globe” as “clone.” Mighta missed a few other words, too. Oh these ears.


  3. Um…one thing you didn’t tell us about….so let me lay it down for you so you can add it to the next “I told you so.”

    “Remember when I told you about Talmud
    Remember when I told you Chabad is bad
    Remember when I told you about Noahide
    Will decapitate believers on Jesus Christ
    Remember I told you so Kabbalah’s Satanic
    But there is redemption so don’t panic
    I told you so…”

  4. I think I’m passed the “I told you so ” phase

    I did the right thing and informed those i thought cared , And those I cared about ..if they didnt listen , thats on them

    Flat Earth? lol .. yeah , Ok man ..SMDH

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