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I want to suggest a weekend movie.  It was made last year so some may have already seen it, but it’s a very different look at Benedict Arnold and his immense contribution to The War of Independence.

What happens when an honorable man runs into those who hijacked the uprising?  I’ll let the film answer that.  It’s an interesting journey into the war though I can’t vouch for full accuracy, even though it comes from some historians who seem to be scrutinizing history.

You’ll run into statism, classism, aristocracy, but if you weave around all that there will be shown the fight-of-fights where the brave went the full distance for freedom.

Title is, BENEDICT ARNOLD: HERO BETRAYED.  A little over two hours.  Here’s one link where you might get it for free, or you can search other outlets:

I think you’ll enjoy it.


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          1. And Mary, this is just a VERY PRIVATE note to you (ha ha ha), but wasn’t that guy who played Arnold drop-dead gorgeous?!! 🙂


          2. Well, I thought he was!! Sometimes my inner-teenager just won’t give it a rest. 🙂


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