“Filtered sunshine today over South Texas”


Stepped onto the back portch very early this morning to be greeted by two distinct parallel chem trails. At first I thought they were the power lines.

Several hours later I turned on NOAA weather radio and to my astonishment this is what was said,”Filtered sunshine today over South Texas with strands of wispy high clouds, also seen may be lines of condensation trails caused from exhaust of high altitude craft crossing the area.”

It is obvious they are reporting this now due to peoples awareness of geo-engeneering. By the way, this is the first time ever that I’ve heard this reported, and I listen frequently.

Bye the way these photos were taken today in spite of the date on the pictures.(need to set date correctly)




6 thoughts on ““Filtered sunshine today over South Texas”

    1. What really got me was the announcement by NOAA weather radio saying there would be lines of “condenstation” from aircraft. Yeah right!! They are in brainwashing mode obviously.

      1. I agree. I asked our weather guy here about them and he just said yeah if had questions like from people before. That was the end of that. He’s either ignorant or not allowed to talk about it.

  1. Lots of chemtrail spraying going on over us here in North Texas and early this morning it was a clear blue sky. Wasn’t long before there were lines of chemtrails everywhere. They have spread out dimming the sun and giving the sky that odd milky color with some pale blue mixed in.

  2. That’s nothing. They sprayed the shit out of us in Dallas today.

    Hey, I just watched the movie, “Snowpiercer” last night. The storyline involves how governments around the world used a chemtrail known as CW7 to spray the skies in order to clean it and battle “global warming” 🙄 but instead it froze the entire planet and the remaining survivors were forced to live inside a train. Now every time I see the bastards spraying the skies, I will be thinking of that movie. Who knows what chemical they will use next.

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