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FINALLY the truth & PROOF of 911

This subject never gets old. I am still discovering new information years later. The information about the core of Building 6 being “gone” is the first time I have been introduced to this information.

Shiva Namaste

Published on Feb 10, 2016

At last the greatest crime of this century is blow wide open with explosive clear and concise testimony from insiders, whistle blowers, expert analysis, those in the know and on the ground with every facet of the biggest and most scandalous deception in modern history explained with all the dis information cleared up.

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10 Responses to FINALLY the truth & PROOF of 911

  1. flee says:

    My eyes are getting bad..

    Butt isn’t that cunnilingus Rice…?

    Didn’t she work under a Bush….?

    Look at the brightside….

    She could have been subject to a….

    Drum roll….pleazzzzz

    “Harry Wiener”… period.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Wow…two and a half hours. Too long for me to watch right now, but I can tell you this: My brother was in WTC 6 on 9-11, and it was demolished months later by controlled demolition, (see: PBS special “America rebuilds”) so it probably had its core intact until then.

    The truth and proof was ALWAYS plainly visible, unquestionable, inarguable, and indisputable. It exists in the molten steel found in the basements of all three buildings that collapsed that day, and was photographed pouring out of the 82nd floor of the south tower just before its collapse.

    NO ONE disputes the presence of the molten steel. It was reported by F.E.M.A., F.D.N.Y., rescue workers, everyone on the scene, and it still exists in photographs and videos.

    In order for steel to melt, you need temperatures in excess of 2800 degrees (all temps Fahrenheit) ANY hydrocarbon (jet fuel, gasoline, etc.) has a maximum burning temperature of 1700 degrees.

    The molten steel PROVES that high explosives were present, because only high explosives, defined as explosives whose molecular structure contains oxygen, can reach the temperatures need to produce what everyone saw (molten steel)

    You can take that argument to ANY doctor, professor, engineer, or journalist, and they cannot dispute it. With that argument, you can prove indisputably that explosives were used to take down the buildings. Once that’s established, logic dictates that there were only a few parties with the means to accomplish this.

    We were fed a real stupid story on 9-11, because if jet fuel (diesel) could melt steel, your pistons would melt shortly after your car warmed up, and you’d never get it out of the driveway.

    THAT is the indisputable proof that NO ONE can form a legitimate argument against. NO conspiracy theories, no speculation, no conjecture, or guesswork, and it can be confirmed in any library.

    And remember: we’re talking about MOLTEN steel. flowing like a LIQUID, and forming pools. Not weakened steel, not softened steel; but LIQUID steel. Impossible without temperatures above 2800 degrees.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      And supporting these facts is the dust sample analysis done at U.C. at Berkly, by the head of the chemistry department there. (Steven Jones, if I’m not mistaken) The dust samples contained thermate (high explosive used in building demolitions), and in addition to that, the dust also contained nano-spheres of iron which are only produced where steel is brought to its BOILING point.

      When you stick to the science, there’s really nothing to debate about 9-11. The buildings were felled by explosives, and there’s a mountain of indisputable proof that confirms that.

      • Darzak says:

        The molten steel issue comes up right after the WTC 6 section. There is at least ONE person who denies the molten steel found at the site: Dr. John Gross from the National Fire Research Laboratory, who is seen at the beginning and end of 33:12 to 39:09 saying “No one has said there was molten steel” and “I was on the site and didn’t see any”. In between his lies (he was speaking at a N.I.S.T. press conference), the video authors show a dozen or so witnesses saying, as you said, it was there.

    • Darzak says:

      ” Wow…two and a half hours. Too long for me to watch right now, but I can tell you this: My brother was in WTC 6 on 9-11, and it was demolished months later by controlled demolition, (see: PBS special “America rebuilds”) so it probably had its core intact until then. ”

      When you get the time, check out 31:20 – 33:12; That is where the issue of 6 comes up with photos both in and outside the building. Earlier in the video, they had a clip from America Rebuilds” that showed the demolition you mentioned, J.R.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    Let’s face it people
    We know who did this
    It’s what we’re going to do about it that really matters now
    And lately We the people are being distracted daily to keep us all off dead center

    Time for action on these pukes is closing at an alarming rate

    [ Rockefeller + Bush Families’ Planned Overthrow of USA ]

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