84-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Fired From Walmart For Taking $1 Bill Found On Floor

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An 84-year-old woman claims Walmart fired her after she found a $1 bill on the floor while she was closing the store and didn’t return it right away.

Frankie Ruffino began working at a Walmart in Brenham, Texas, in 2008 as a door greeter before becoming a phone operator after developing health problems, KBTX reported.

The two-time breast cancer survivor maintains that she had a flawless employment record during her nine years of employment — that is until October 10.  

“I started there back in 2008, with my oxygen tank and walker, they never had a problem with me carrying it around. I really loved my job,” Ruffino said. “I get off at 10 and I lock everything up. I go to the front, and there was a dollar bill laying there on the floor, right in the middle of the aisle, not in the register.”

Ruffino said she put the money in her walker and was going to return it to the manager the next day as it was getting late.

“It was late and I still had to drive home 14 miles so I didn’t think it was going to be a problem,” she said.

The next day her managers called her into a meeting and asked her if she had found any money the night before. She pulled out the dollar bill, handed it to her boss, and said she had planned on turning it in during her shift.

She finished her shift and when she returned the next day, she was informed that she was terminated because of her “integrity.”

“I said how am I going to push my walker and walk myself outside,” Ruffino said. “I needed the job to take care of myself.”

Her hairdresser, Carrie Bozarth, said Ruffino was loved by the community and that people enjoyed seeing her friendly face at Walmart.

“I gave it my all, that’s all I can say — never came late,” she told KHOU. “I wanted to work real bad.”


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  1. When I stop to think of the incalculable damage Wal Mart has done to our country, I guess they are proof that satan exists. Here’s my story: On a hot summer day I went to wal mart to check out some sneakers. I had my wallet in hand because the pockets in my shorts were too small. I tried on some sneakers and then went to automotive and picked up an item. When I got to checkout I realized that I had left my wallet in their shoe department. When I went back to look for it, it was gone. I then checked every shelf in automotive and found nothing. I spent 2 hours checking everywhere in the store and did not find my wallet. I went to customer service and reported that my wallet with $50 in it and all my cards was missing. The police were called and I gave a detailed report and was told that they would review the surveillance video. I was given a card with the phone # of the officer in charge. Three weeks passed and I was given one excuse after another as to why the store video had never been reviewed by the police. Finally, the piglet told me that the manager had refused to let him view the video. He said that since the store manager refused to cooperate there was nothing he could do. WHAT A LIAR! A friend made up for the $50 loss, but I never thought at that time to sue BOTH the police and Walmart for what they did to me. My wallet was never found or returned.

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