Fire Shadow missile can remain aloft for six hours before obliterating a moving target

Engadget  If we were making a list of terrifying airborne war machines, this would probably rank near the top. You certainly won’t want to be targeted by the Fire Shadow, but from the safety of a web browser, it’s impossible not to marvel at the craft’s versatility.

Manufactured by French developer MBDA, the Fire Shadow missile is designed to strike a stationary or moving object on command. But unlike some other UAVs, this ingenious rig can remain airborne for up to six hours before it’s assigned to destroy a large vehicle (and its occupants) from a nearly vertical angle of attack.

Tipping the scale at less than 440 pounds (about 200 kilograms), it has a range of approximately 62 miles (100 kilometers) and is described by MBDA as being “low cost.” The British Army is said to have taken delivery of the missile in March, and will begin testing in Sweden later this year, but you can see it action today in the demo video after the break.

4 thoughts on “Fire Shadow missile can remain aloft for six hours before obliterating a moving target

  1. That’s a missile?

    That looks like the same model airplane that our so-called model airplane bomber “supposedly” used to try to “supposedly” destroy the Pentagon but was “supposedly” caught by the so-called FBI.

    I have a question. What if those things are up there for so long and exploring the skies, that people forget about them and suddenly it accidentally hits something like say a commercial airplane or say an Olympic stadium? Then what?

    OH YEAH!! Stupid me. We’ll just blame IRAN!! Ha! What was I thinking!

  2. I couldn’t get the video to play, so I have to ask: if this missile only has a range of 62 miles, and can remain in the air for six hours, let’s do the math. That works out to about a little over ten miles per hour, right?
    How is it possible for a 440 pound missile to stay airborne that long? Am I missing something here?

    1. HAHA! I know. I was thinking that, too. LOL But from the looks of the video, it looks like a model airplane, so it does have wings. Maybe that helps.

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