Fire up the Printing Presses

First Published 10-8-10

So, what is the latest plot being hatched by the international corporate mafia?  Have you ever heard of Quantitative Easing?  Well this is how it works.  The Federal Reserve has raped our country to the point that they can no longer charge interest on the funny money that we print and give to them to lend to us.  So, they found themselves asking, “Is there any way we can possibly steal more tangible wealth from the American people?”

They answered themselves, “Well do you think they might fall for another dose of quantitative easing, if we called it ‘QE2?’”

And then, “Yeah, that’s a great idea.  Let’s call Timothy Geithner and order him to fire up the presses and print us up a trillion dollars in funny money, have him send it over, we’ll stamp it received, send it back to him, and then he can send us a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds, which we’ll put in our strategic reserves and earn 3% interest from the American taxpayers on our funny money, through the treasury bonds.”

If we take this one, we might as well surrender this country and hand the keys over to the international corporate mafia, as we will have proven that we are the dumbest people on this planet and do not deserve to have our own country.

I’m sure China will be excited to hear about the new QE2 plan, as they will be assured that the interest rates on treasury bonds will be going up and they will be procuring more of the U.S. through our debt to them.

There have been a lot of people on the comment board expounding, “Now just stop all the bad talk”.  Well, I’ll tell you what people, we had better be talking about these things every second we can while we still can.

There is a push, at present, to pass legislation that would in effect put the internet under the control of a new agency made up of government and corporate representatives, with a communist czar at its head.  The excuse for the legislation is to combat malware.

Last year the government put out a false release saying that The Drudge Report, which is the number one online alternative news site in America, was infected with malware, in order to try to stop people from going to that site for the truth.

If this legislation becomes law, the only way it can be enforced is to have a firewall installed in every computer that will send its data to a centralized database so that it can be analyzed, to separate and quarantine computers with malware.  So how are you going to like having all the contents of your computer sent to a database controlled by a Czar?

Call me paranoid, but I believe that these social communist lowlifes will infect any computer or site that they do not want on the net with malware and shut it down.  Not that any of us are going to have the resources to buy a computer or internet service, as we are going to see the rest of the middle class wiped out through the QE2, when they fire up the presses.

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