Soup Lines

First Published 10-9-10

We have all probably seen images from the Great Depression Era of soup lines, sometimes several blocks long.  Some people today have a problem coming to grips with the depression we are in as there are no images of those soup lines.  You have to remember we are living in the twenty-first century and the soup lines of today consist of a plastic card in your wallet or purse.

There are many people out there who like to advocate ending the food stamp program.  These are the same people who say the 99ers are lazy and should not get any further unemployment extensions.  The average food stamp recipient gets $133 per month, divided by thirty days equals $4.43, divided by 3 meals per day equals $1.48.  If you are not near a grocery outlet your average can of soup will cost around a dollar fifty.  Now imagine any citizen back in the Great Depression days begrudging the people in line that bowl of soup.  What have we as a people become?

I have seen the party line of the Republicans, which it would seem only a rich man could back being parroted by people making $20,000 per year.  Mark my words this day; the international corporate mafia is getting ready to hack another large chunk out of the middle class, and by this time next year the people talking down at the unemployed will have become the biggest hypocrites to ever breathe.

Oh yes, I’m going to be online using names like Tony and Big Daddy telling them to get a job and pound the pavement.  Or maybe I’ll be real sadistic and tell them that the best thing they can do is kill themselves as their situation is hopeless because nobody cares and who knows maybe a few of them will.  If things keep progressing the way they are I will probably be charged with a hate crime, have my computer confiscated, and be sent to a reeducation camp where the very same people complaining about Tier 5 and food stamps will be paying a couple hundred dollars per day to house and feed me.  But that will be alright with them, as their infatuation with Fabien social communism defies all logic and reason.

There are presently 42 million people receiving food stamps.  Now that’s a long soup line.  There are approximately 22 million people out of work indicating that about 20 million of the 42 million receiving food stamps are working, yet there are still people out there advocating lowering the minimum wage and telling others that they should accept a reduced standard of living.

These very same people will not speak out against the corporate welfare recipients as they idolize and long to become one of them.  But that’s alright, as I know that the international corporate mafia will see to it that one day soon our ignorant brethren who are looking at the world through their five dollar pair of Chinese made, rose colored glasses bought at Wal-Mart, will join us in the great soup line.

Vote out all incumbents, Demopublicans and Republicrats alike.

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