Firearm Background-Checks Now Report Home Addresses Of Gun Owners

Zero Hedge – by Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has obtained an email from the FBI regarding changes to the NICS background check system to implement gun control.

On Monday, September 26, 2022, federal firearms licensees (FFL) will experience… new features of the FBI’s NICS transaction process. One… change is tied to the passage of the NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022

Collection of Buyer’s Address— The NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022 requires the FBI’s NICS Section to notify state, local, or tribal law enforcement of all FBI NICS denied transactions within 24 hours. The FBI must provide notification to law enforcement based upon the location of the FFL and if different, the purchaser’s address. To support the determination of what local agency should receive the notification, FFLs will be required to provide the buyer’s complete address to NICS as recorded on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 when transactions are denied or delayed. The address information will be required before the status can be provided or retrieved either by the NICS contracted call center or via the NICS E-Check. 

That matches up closely with the NICS Denial notification act, which read:

“If the national instant criminal background check system…provides notice… that” a transferee is prohibited person then the DOJ shall “report to the local law enforcement [and] the State or Tribe of residence of the person—… within 24 hours” 

This change would require that an investigation be launched into every background check denial, even though nine times out of 10, the NICS system has falsely denied law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights.

This is a significant change to the system, as, before the passage of the NICS denial notification act, dealers were only required to provide the state of residence of a customerNow they will have to provide the transferee’s full address after the NICS system processes the background check in the event of a delay or denial.

Delays in background checks are extremely common. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a common name or having a security clearance with the federal government.

Check out GOA’s Coverage of this new gun control in the video above.

GOA fought against the NICS Denial Notification Act in March, but since 2019, we’ve been fighting against all gun control in the Violence Against Women Act, also known as VAWA.

The NICS Denial Notification Act was among the gun control to pass this last congress. That’s because certain Republicans backstabbed gun owners, and for all the horrible gun control removed from the bill, some gun control remained:

  • Sections 1101-1102: the NICS Denial Notification Act to launch criminal investigations into firearm background check denials—even though 9 out of 10 times the system falsely denies a law-abiding citizen.
  • Section 1103: funding for ATF to deputize local police to enforce federal gun laws, especially to undermine Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) states.

Eighteen Republican senators voted with anti-gun Democrats in favor of the final passage of gun control.

These Senators believe they were given political “cover” as other ostensibly “pro-gun” groups backed the compromise by refusing to oppose the language publicly.

5 thoughts on “Firearm Background-Checks Now Report Home Addresses Of Gun Owners

  1. They just keep tearing away our gun Rights.

    Compromise just means they are given more chances to try again in another week or two to take away anything that’s left of our gun rights.

    Absolutely insane.

  2. Biden and his ‘stasi’ will soon designate lawful gun owners as J6 sympathizers based on voting records and social media comments. We are entering a very scary moment in American history.

    1. “voters” are no threat to the occupying enemy regime. They support the enemy occupation and give their consent (and ours) because they are too cowardly or stupid to accept the reality and are easily swayed and lulled whatever direction their puppet master swings them. Jan 6 was chump calling out his sycophants to provide the necessary smoke screen for the illusion and set them up;proof they are dummies because they worship a zionist joo bag.

      1. If you’re scared of this, you are a spineless f-king worm.
        You know who has a gun here? Every f-king body.
        And f-k Biden and the communist committee that runs him.
        Enough with the threats, just shut the f-k up, punk.

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